Business Writing Sample: LinkedIn Case Study


Can LinkedIn be useful to receive more B2B leads? Name and describe a few of the best methods.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. LinkedIn marketing is currently picking up the pace and getting more and more popular among B2B businesses, which can’t deny the influence the social network puts on the modern business world.

LinkedIn has already proved to be the most effective place for generating leads, professional communication and posting the company’s news. According to Oktopost’s recent research, 80 percent of B2B leads were through LinkedIn. The runner-up is Twitter with only 12.73 percent (Knyszewski, 2015).

Such results show us that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for those catering B2B businesses. Unlike the other social networks, LinkedIn has a strong point in a competition for getting leads, users and invertors as it is created for business purposes only. There’re no “selfies”, food pictures and outfits of the day. B2C businesses vice versa, need social networks where the most consumers are. So Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the best choices for B2C marketing.

Being a strong tool in the process of increasing company’s growth, LinkedIn requires much attention. You can’t posts random information from time to time, to generate leads you should be consistent and always be present, make updates, always be free to communicate, answer the questions. Usually a company has a group of people responsible for that.

The other important practice is getting your employees on LinkedIn, grow their network. This would help you a much bigger audience and we all know the bigger the audience the higher the chances of generating leads(Gothelf, 2013). Always exploring new prospects for lead is also a key to success. LinkedIn provides vast opportunities for finding new talented employees.

One more way to market for leads is selecting your content with great attention. It shouldn’t cover only one aspect of marketing. You should offer, inform, advise, inspire (Gothelf, 2013).

We can see that there’re many practices which can lead to success, moreover there always appear new better ones. So to my mind the key to generating leads on LinkedIn is the constant search for new practices, techniques, people, researching the market and build you policy according to the fresh results.


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