School Essay: Issues In The Judicial System Of Cambodia

Undeniably, an independent judiciary which is free of external influence and corruption is indispensible element of healthy democracy. As one might expect, a judicial system of Cambodia has made remarkable progress after the fall of Rouge regime. However, according to Transparency International Cambodia (2014), similarly to law enforcement agencies, a judicial system of Cambodia is considered to be the weakest pillar of Cambodia’s governance system. Proposed amendments to Cambodia’s legislation were criticized by international legal experts.


It is worth pointing out that independence as well as professionalism of Cambodia’s judiciary are expected to be improved. As being precise, the aforementioned sector of Cambodia’s governance system is undoubtedly highly politicized and susceptible to outside influence and bribery. Courts in Cambodia are insufficiently resourced and funded, resulting in bribe-seeking and offering. To illustrate this point, bribes are considered to be the way to speed up appeal process (Cambodian Judicial System, n.d.).

In addition, laws recently adopted to strengthen judiciary in Cambodia have failed, and lack of separation between executive branch and courts have led to politicization of Cambodia’s judiciary. Therefore, it is easy to hold the view that in response to issues existing in the judiciary of Cambodia, critical reforms should be implemented. Transparency International Cambodia has elaborated certain recommendations seeking to engage civil society and government. That is to say, it was highly recommended to ensure that courtrooms are open to everyone and to publish court decisions, in particular.

In conclusion, there is no a shadow of doubt that corruption in Cambodia remains prominent at all sectors. Cambodia`s judiciary is considered to be the most corrupt branch. Therefore, it is frequently suggested that whole governance system in Cambodia has to be reformed to ensure independent judicial system.


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