Critique Example: Article Evaluation


The article presents a study whose purpose is investigating how teacher-child interaction quality relates to school readiness in targeted preschool programs. This paper analyzes the study by focusing on its strengths and weaknesses.


The main strength of the paper is that it is well organized. The author presents the problems statement prior to highlighting the research purpose, and research purpose comes before the research questions and hypotheses. This form of organization allows the reader to follow the study easily. Simply by reading through the paper, the reader understands the problem, the intended goal with respect to the problem, and the relevance of the study design to the research question. The use of subtitles and proper highlight of subtitles by leaving spaces allows the reader to easily read and follow the proposed study.

Secondly, the study cites sources when presenting the problem (in the problem statement). The inclusion of cited sources throughout the paper improved the professionalism of the study. In addition, the sources that were cited in the study are recent (published within the last ten years). This ensures that the information used in the study is current and therefore relevant to the current state of research and practice in the study area.


The study has a number of weakness. The first weakness is in the inconsistency in referencing. Whereas references have been included consistently throughout the paper, the style used is inconsistent. Consider these two in-text references: (La Paro, 2004) and (Lambert, R. G., 2013). In one case, the author includes initials in the other he does not. General APA guidelines on referencing state that initials should not be included in the in-text references.

Secondly, whereas one title has been indented as per APA guidelines (in the reference list) others have not been indented. Other notable stylistic deficiencies with respect to referencing include failure to include some authors in the in-text referencing (case in point (La Paro, Pianta, & Stuhlman, 2004)), failure to include the symbol ‘&’ for many authors (case in point, (Downer, J., Sabol, T., Hamre, B. (2010), in the reference list)), and, the failure to include the author in a reference (case in point the last reference in the reference list)…

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