9 Steps of Writing Essay

Writing essay papers can be a maddening, even exasperating process, but it need not be so. If you follow the right steps and know what to do, writing can become easy and even fun. We offer a nine-step process that explains to students how to create an essay.

9 Writing Essay Steps

  • Research: Start writing essay papers by researching the topic. Make yourself an expert in this field. Use the internet, academic databases, and the library. Take notes and read the words of famous thinkers.
  • Analysis: Once you have a good knowledge base, you may start analyzing the arguments of the material you read. Define the claims, check the reasons, and evidence. Learning how to start your essay by analyzing essays written by others. Brainstorming: Your future essay will require thoughts of your own. Ask yourself a lot of questions and find answers to them. Gather your thoughts with a pen in your hand and make notes.
  • Thesis: Pick the best ideas and put them down in a clear way that you can use when writing essay theses. You then can select one as your thesis and your main point. Sum it up in a sentence that helps the reader know where you are going, and why. It is almost impossible to write a quality essay without a good thesis.
  • Outline: Sketch out the essay before writing it out. Use little sentences to describe paragraphs, and points to describe what every paragraph will include. Play with the order of the essay. Also, make sure all paragraphs are unified.
  • Introduction: Sit down and start to write your paper; alternatively, you can buy essays cheap and be sure it will be done perfectly. The introduction is to grab the reader’s attention and lead in to the thesis. It is a buildup of the issue.
  • Paragraphs: Each paragraph should lead to a single idea that supports the thesis. Start paragraphs with topic sentences.
  • Conclusion: Gracefully exit the essay making a quick wrap-up sentence, and end on some thought, maybe a quotation, or some twist of logic.
  • Language: You are not finished until you have polished the language by correcting the grammar, spelling, making other necessary edits.

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