Critical Analysis Paper: Operations Management in Action


I work at pizzeria. This pizzeria is a local restaurant and it has been quite successful. Its success is evident in the few restaurants that have been born the mother pizzeria opened in the several towns in the United States. To be precise, in Kansas, the pizzeria has 5 restaurants with 8 staff. The pizzeria was an idea by two brothers and it was opened  in Kansas in the US. They borrowed money from their mother and rented a building that was on a busy road somewhere in Wichita. The pizza concept was new in America and the same year, the pizzeria franchises were launched. It was able to develop both in the USA and overseas. Today, half of Pizza Hut is owned by franchises and joint ventures are the owners.

The business has grown a lot and the reason for its success is that power has been decentralized with each restaurant having a restaurant manager. With such an arrangement, the overall management is able to get answers from the affected restaurants from the restaurants manager. The pizzeria has been able to maintain its culture for a long time but as years go by, there has been a need for a culture change. A functional strategy like marketing and finance needs to be in place to make sure that the organization is running smoothly.

The organization and the organization management of pizzeria

The organization of the Pizzeria lies in different offices, each having a role to play. These offices are the finance, the production, the marketing, the financial management, research and development, human resource management and information management. For the physically disable employees in the organization, the organization has special equipment for them with the equipment being friendly to the environment. For the production department, pizzas are produced with fresh ingredients so that there will be no complaints from the customers about bad food, food poisoning and all the other problems that come with bad quality services.

The managers in the organization are democratic with their main tasks being staffing, planning/coordinating, decision making, monitoring/ reinforcing, handling paperwork, exchanging routine information and all the other things that a manger is entitled to do. The pizzeria looks for all rounded employees with interpersonal skills have so that they can be able to handle customers well and still be able to accomplish other duties that have been given to them. The pizzeria offers rewards for work well done and that is what has kept their employees on their toes such that at the end of the year or at the end of a certain period, a reward for work well done will be received. The other thing that has made the pizzeria successful is that they train their own staff so that they can follow the culture that has been existing…

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