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Medical case studies are generally considered some of the most challenging types of academic writing assignments for several reasons: they require deep knowledge of various practices, theories and approaches; they are extremely time-consuming, since they require examining, studying and researching many materials; and they require use of specific medical terms, models, concepts and lexis.


Writing a medical case study is a serious task for any student. Therefore, when assigned to write a medical case study, a thorough preparation is in order, which includes getting thoroughly acquainted with basic standards, rules and recommendations for writing a good case study on a medical subject. Another good tip, for those struggling with their medical case study, is to review some medical case study examples written by professional writers, skilled and experienced in writing such papers.

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The following extract has been taken from a medical case study example on Communication Disorder. The main purpose of this medical case study example is to show the problem of learning disability and language delay in children. Moreover, this medical case study example highlights various therapy goals most commonly described by professionals working with children with learning disabilities.


Communication Disorder. Learning Disability Therapy Goals

Case One
Psychologists observe that unless a child develops appropriate play skills through interaction with peers and objects, their social development is significantly impaired. Based on this argument, the goal of the therapy is to enhance specific skills necessary for interacting with peers and objects in a playground environment.

Case Two
The second case therapy is aimed to enhance a child’s ability to develop his or her speech. The therapist recognized the need to help the child develop his or her speech through the auditory model.

Case Three
In case three, the therapist attempted to improve a child’s language modality. This being a non-fluent aphasia case, the clinician employed the melodic intonation therapy to help the child achieve the goal.

Case Four
In the fourth case, the therapy is aimed at improving a child’s playing ability in a social setting. Since most mentally ill children exhibit different problems with interacting with peers, the imitation strategy was used in this case.

Case Five
The therapy in this case is aimed at establishing what is required for intervention. In achieving this goal, the therapist sought to establish whether there were other contextual variables that facilitated the observed behaviors.

Materials: Books? Games? Toys? Homemade or Commercial Instruments?
Games, books, toys, homemade or commercial instruments are vital tools that can be used to …

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This extract from a medical case study example is intended to show you how to approach your case study analysis. Even though the extract is quite short, it clearly demonstrates that to complete a good case study, you will be required to review numerous cases, distinguish specific methods, approaches, models used in each case, and finally provide your critical analysis of how effective they were. In this type of academic writing, you must be as precise, laconic and direct as possible. At the same time, you need to clearly demonstrate your ability to operate specific medical concepts and terms, distinguish even the slightest nuances and be creative in your analysis. And all of this must be completed within specific time constraints!

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