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Behavioral Effects of Entertainment Devices to the American Society


Technological expansion has changed the entertainment industry for the better. A lot of improvements have been achieved and the devices used in entertainment have become sophisticated, simpler and more friendly. Past data reveal the complexity of the devices used in the entertainment industry. The contemporary society has inexpensive ways of achieving their goals in the entertainment industry since the available devices simplifies the way entertainment is executed. With technology, the entertainment industry is drastically changing, implying that the transition from analogue to digital transmission of data has made things simpler and convenient (Cheok, 2010 p. 20-24). Both positive and negative effects though, have surrounded the music and the entertainment industry. In the past the cost of CDs and DVDs accounted for millions of dollars in revenues but in the contemporary society where piracy and other file sharing methods being discovered, many artist’s loss a lot of money from those who share files, music and other copyright materials. The digital downloads therefore pose serious dangers on the society and the musicians although it also makes it cheaper to make cheaper music and easier to find fans through the social media. These devices have made it possible to create diversity and new ways of revenue. Despite these facts, the American society has been affected by the technology advancement the entertainment devices since the children, the family and the society have been impacted by their existence.

Importance of the study

Technology has changed every dimension of life and this being the case, communication and the entertainment industry ought to be given a keener look since the social media has become the greatest facilitator of information especially among younger persons. Engaging in various forms of social interactions by the teens and young people has helped enhance communication, interactivity, connectivity and even enhancement of know how in the lives of the young persons and the society.

This therefore leaves no option but to research further into the effects of the devices and their impacts on the life of the people. It is therefore to study the effects of entertainment devices on the lives of the American people so that the positive attributes like the enhancement of communication, networking’s and increased social interactions can be explained as well as the negative effects of the devices in the lives of the people including the destruction of morals can be deduced.

Goals of the research

The goals and objectives of this research is to identify and understand the behavioral effects of the entertainment media like the TVs, the radios and the social networking media among others.


The research methodology will require the collection of data from specified documents, databases and interviews so as to analyze these materials and arrive at a more understanding historical construction of the behavioral effects of the entertainment devices. Various research questions will be used that include the following: 1) Does the entertainment devices have a positive impact on the life of the American? 2) Which category of people is mostly affected by the entertainment devices? 3) What are the various devices that are used in the entertainment industry? 4) Should there be control on the use of the various entertainment devices?

Data collection

In terms of data collection, a qualitative approach shall be utilized in this project. The use of interviews, surveys and questionnaires shall be used to collect the relevant data. The interviews shall be collected from various sources including the general public of various ages, the media houses including the TV and the radios, the social media site owners as well as the social media users and phone makers. This form of qualitative approach is vital since there will be a variety of information that will be derived from the various stakeholders due to their experience in the industry. Upon the collection of the data, analysis will be done in order to prepare a SWOT analysis of the media devices on the American people so as to identify the effect of the entertainment devices on the people of America.


The various forms of entertainment devices have had various effects both behaviorally, morally and psychologically. TVs do air shows, entertain the audience as well as educating the public on various life aspects both politically, socially and economically. The radios engage the listeners by giving latest hits, news and other educational and entertainment news and music. In the contemporary digital age, the social network has provided various options like the Facebook, the twitter where communication and entertainment can be effected. Online video games are offered on computers and even on phones as well as on other platforms. This being the case, the entertainment media can therefore be said to have various effects on the public.

One of the positive effects that the entertainment devices have brought to the American people is the enhancement of the communication and socialization effects. Through the use of the social media devices, one is able to stay connected with the family and friends as they chat and share though the various social options like the twitter, Facebook and the MySpace among others. Other devices like the TVs offers entertainment and education to the public.

These devices offer opportunities for the community to engage with each other through general contribution to the society through volunteering and charitable events. They also help the Americans to enhance their individual and collective creativity through the music sharing as well as the growth of ideas through the gaming sites, blogs and podcasts. At the same time, they help in fostering one’s identity and social skills as one showcases their ability through the various sites. The TVs and interest sites offer the global exposures of different cultures…

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