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Mikes Bikes is a company that has been there in the bikes industry since 1964 in Marin County’s. It has continued to grow despite the fact that biking has changed dramatically within years. The intention and the mission of the company are to get as many people on the bikes as possible. This dream is slowly getting realized with the designs made by the bike industry accommodating both women and children into biking. The company opened its first shop in Schwinn and now it has become a household name and mother to many other bike shops in the country. The company is at its growth stage in the organizational cycle, and it has expanded from the first shop the founders bought from Dave Kaplan to many store, which sell their bicycles in states such as Petaluma, San Rafael, Sausalito, San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Sacramento, Walnut Creek and its most current stores in San Jose and Pleasanton. This is total of eleven stores, and the fact that the company still needs to put more people on the bike means that the company still has more ground to cover and more growth expected.

Mission, Goals and Current Strategies

Mike’s bikes have a clear mission which is to get as many people on the bike as possible. It is the first statement which screams at the reader in the mike’s bikes website. Mike’s Bikes attains this by making bikes which are appealing to people of different classes, genders and groups. There are racing bikes and leisure bikes such as mountain bikes for leisure riding. The company culture of Mike’s Bikes shows how bicycles are fun. People in the company have bikes, ride bikes, and they love helping other people to own bikes.

This is one of the best ways the company meets its mission of having as many people on bikes as possible. The goals are to become the market leader in bikes industry, and that includes by financing people who would love to own bikes but do not have enough money to purchase them. The company has a plan which involves giving customers a maintenance plan for five years if they buy a bicycle directly from the company.

Another plan, which enhances the mission, is by giving a year tech maintenance plan for anyone who buys a bicycle from the store within 90 days of another and hence encourages people to buy more bicycles. It is also important to notice that the company also organizes races, which help the company in attaining its mission. It is a good marketing option, and since the company is at the growth face, more is needed to make it even stronger and take advantage of the geographical locations of its shops.

Internal Analysis

Internal analysis refers to the internal conditions such as strengths and weaknesses of a company which are important for the future of a company. The company owns 22 %of the bikes market, and hence it has a strong customer base. The fact that it has a plan which works for the benefit of maintaining customers and encouraging new ones to join the riders group by giving a 5 year maintenance plan works wonders, and it is a major strength of the company.

Another among its strengths is that the company also has an organization culture which shows the great love of bikes for the staff. People are more likely to associate themselves with a company whose owners have the same enthusiasm for bikes as their customers. The major weakness of the company is its court battles with competitors who have continually sued the company on copyright issues…

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