Creative Writing Examples: Napoleon the Great

Creative Writing Examples on Napoleon the Great

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous French soldier and politician who is greatly celebrated for the French revolution.  Napoleon’s mode of leadership was not in accordance to the traditional Europe rule where the leaders would oppress their subjects in the form of taxes and forced labor among others. This sparked the leader to engage in various civil as well as international wars or conflicts, and this forced him to run into exile at some point in his life. The celebrated Bonapatre was born in the late 1769 in Ajaccio in Corsica. This discourse is about the story or rather brief history of the celebrated French leader.

His childhood is well regarded as unique or rather special by various historians during that era. Napoleon was a self driven youth who did everything by himself. At a tender age, he could read great history books and this made him show interest in politics in very tender age. He could spend some time around the elders, where the historians believe he learnt some peculiar ruling skills. Summery of his childhood and education life is a clear indication that Napoleon was bound to be a leader at some point in his life. Various historians lament that the leader was born a year after the Corsica island was included in the France territory. His father was a well known lawyer or attorney whose main remembered works include representing Corsica in conflicts with the French leaders. However, he helped in convincing his client, the Corsica island to be included in the French territory for a stronger government in terms of economics, military and social influences.

However, I tend to believe that a true leader should spend much time with the male adults, like fathers, grandfathers and the rest. However, I find it disturbing that the celebrated leader spent much of his time with the mother. But being a successful leader with compassion, courage and determination among other leadership skills, I now believe that women can indeed make good leaders, and Queen Elizabeth, who dominated England, is an indication.

History is so unfair, there is no where the lady (Napoleon’s mother) is recognized for bringing up a famous and revolution oriented leader. Instead, all credit goes to the father, who was not that concerned mainly with his legal career and not his son’s upbringing. Men indeed are made to be superior even in matters they do not deserve. He spent much of his childhood with the female parent who taught him good morals, discipline and general positive traits.

Napoleon attained quality education, since his family was economically stable and his father was a well recognized personality in the society. I tend to believe that the leader had his life made; surely, anybody would succeed when subjected to good education, more so during such an era. It would be better if he made his life from scratch, as in struggling to make it in education, to create the expected irony and encouragement to the less fortunate.

His family background and fame enabled him to attain quality basic education that would not be possible with a common or normal Corsican. He pursued both religious and military training at a tender age, while his age mates were busy in the family farms. He later joined a military school, where he attained his peculiar leadership skills. While in the British roral navy, he concentrated much on artillery training and this enhanced his fighting skills.

From the psychological perspective, misfortunes could break us but later strengthen us. Napoleon’s father later died, and ironically, historians lament that his leadership skills were first portrayed after this tragedy or misfortune. The family resource was greatly compromised and this forced him to graduate a year earlier. We can now learn about a focused student who understood the family economic status, by working extra hard to graduate before his peers, any blind man can actually see and sense this was a true leader in the making.

Good work will always be rewarded; Napoleon was appointed a deputy lieutenant upon his graduation. His main roles and duties were associated with the garrison duties until the French revolution began, in 1789. He took advantage of his powers to assess the quality of French leadership, and historians lament that the leader was not pleased with how the leaders mistreated their subjects. The citizens were subjected to high taxes, their properties such as land were converted by the top political leaders and this made Napoleon come up with the French revolution in the year 1789.

His participation in civil and international wars started with the French revolution. There was a three sided or triangular war between those who supported democracy (revolutionists) and those against it. Napoleon was a great revolutionist, and was ready to lose to his position in the military just to be the citizens’ advocate. He was later promoted despite breaking some vows or rules in the military department.

But Napoleon’s problems started when he differed with Paoli, a Corsica island leader, and this got him arrested. However, he was released for having good leadership skills. Napoleon’s mind was open and he drew new plans to satisfy his people. For instance, he drew plans and devoted his energy and efforts to recapture Corsica from the British and bring it back to the French territory.

Napoleon later became a respected and well celebrated militant whose life and dedication was associated with various civil and international wars to reshape France. His peculiar military and social skills enabled him to win many battles. Just to mention, the application of his artillery mobile war methods made him conquer his national and international enemies. Furthermore, he learnt of his enemies’ weaknesses or shortcomings to win his battles.

Napoleon had his own special ways of deploying his troops in strategic positions, and this made him a victor on several occasions. However, different people had different opinions regarding the leader; for instance, the Italians were convinced that then he was a dictator whose main aim was to create a history of himself, however, the French citizens were pleased with the Napoleon’s efforts to free them from the political bondage that greatly limited their economical and social developments.

Napoleon employed different tactics apart from wars to overcome his enemies. For example, his efforts to dominate some Egypt’s trade links between England and major Asian regions like China. He thought this would compromise the English economical status, hence make them give in in various wars. Furthermore, Napoleon adopted the divide and rule strategy by making friends with the Muslims, who happened to be English enemies.

His plans included the incorporation of India and Egypt’s military to win the great and well established British military. However, his kingdom had several challenges and this compromised his efforts. His travelling ships were confiscicated by his enemeies (The british army) and his army was attacked by the bubonic fever.

Napoleon was more of askilled leader, however, he had his own negatives. His achievements or good side was associated with the reformed France. He advocated for reforms or changes in the judiciary system, legal issues, voting criteria and constitution matters among other governmental issues. Napoleon was also celebrated for signing some historic agreements with other European kingdoms, hence advocating for peace, where it was necessary. However, all good vessels must have their tainted sides; Napoleon was engaged in some brutal killings among other in human activities. He made an inhuman command for the plague victims or soldiers to dump in the sea or poisoned…

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