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Essay on Jesus Christ – Who Is He?

essay on Jesus Christ

Christ is not a name or a surname, but a translation from Hebrew into a modern Greek or Aramaic language of the Hebrew word “messiah”! Today in some Christian churches it is considered that with the coming of Jesus, that is, the establishment of the New Testament, the Old Testament was completely abolished. That is, today for a number of denominations the Old Testament scripture became more historical, sometimes even allegorical material, and not a statement of the will of God for modern people. Just note that in Orthodoxy and Catholicism there is no such dogma. Jesus Christ is a key figure for people of different religions, but what was his mission? You can find out in our essay on Jesus Christ.


This Side of Paradise Essay Sample

This Side of Paradise essay

The second half of the 1910s and early 1920s are marked by significant successes of critical realism in US literature. The rapid development of critical moods of US writers was promoted by the growing sense of depravity of American bourgeois-capitalist civilization, tragedy, and the doom of the American way of life. These years the world-famous works of Theodore Dreiser, Elton Sinclair, Sherwood Anderson, Sinclair Lewis, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and John Dos Passos appeared. Writers, very different in their philosophical, political, and social views, saw the hypocrisy of American democracy, and in their works expressed their critical attitude to the surrounding reality.


The Role of The Catholic Church Essay

Catholic Church essay

The Catholic Church played an important role in the development of medieval European society. It took an active part in the development and control of various spheres of public life. In the political sphere, the church regulated interstate relations, acting as an arbiter in the disputes of the rulers of states, appointing loyal or under-influence kings and emperors, plotting religious wars against other faiths, and spreading its influence on new territories, exemplified by the Crusades. Being a large landowner, the Catholic Church received huge funds in the form of church tithes, accumulating wealth, and often became a creditor of the kings who squandered the treasury of feasts and wars.


The Odyssey Essay – The Power of Storytelling

The Odyssey essay

In terms of the plot (the mythological sequence of events), “The Odyssey” corresponds to “The Iliad.” But it does not tell us about military events, but about wanderings. Scientists call it an epic poem of wanderings. The fate of Odysseus – the glorification of the mind and willpower – comes to the forefront. “Odyssey” corresponds to the mythology of late heroism. It is dedicated to the last 40 days of Odysseus’ return to his homeland. The fact that the center is a return is indicated by the very beginning. The composition is more difficult than in “Iliad.”


Adolescents’ Eating Disorders Essay

eating disorders essay

In the US, three categories of eating disorders are traditionally distinguished: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and an unspecified eating disorder, which is diagnosed in about 50% of all cases of eating disorders. The criteria for anorexia and bulimia are quite stringent and are often not met even in those patients whose eating disorders, undoubtedly, cause significant dysfunctionality. For example, a person can overeat and occasionally eliminate food, but not often enough to meet the diagnostic criteria for bulimia. Another example: in a patient, periods of overeating can alternate with periods of restriction of food intake and compliance with strict diets.


Socrates Essay – The Unexamined Life

Socrates essay

Socrates lived meticulously according to the laws of his state and believed strongly in justice. He believed that dignity is knowledge and famously stated that an unexamined life is not worth living. Despite the noble character of Socrates, he suffered great criticism, which ultimately led to the judgment of him and his subsequent death. Socrates was highly disliked by the prestigious citizens of Athens. It was because of what is now called Socratic irony and the Socratic method. Socratic irony means that everyone pretends to be ignorant to expose the erroneous opinions of others during the discussion. The Socratic method refers to a series of questions and answers that are meant to analyze, verify, or define a particular concept.


LGBTQ Essay – Racial Exclusion

LGBTQ essay

The combination of Islamic traditions and the fundamentalism of Christians, as well as followers of African traditions, make Africa one of the most dangerous continents for the LGBT community. Cases when homosexuality and transsexuality are proclaimed as an anti-state and anti-religious phenomenon in the countries of the African continent are not rare at the official level. In early November of 2013, the European Court issued a decision that gave hope to representatives of the African LGBT community: henceforth, representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation can expect to be granted asylum if they are persecuted because of their gender identity and unconventional sexual orientation.


Untreated Depression Essay

depression essay

In a large study of brain scans, it was found that depression directly changes the structure of the brain. The changes were found in the white matter of the brain, which contains tissue channels that allow the brain cells to communicate with each other by electrical signals. White matter is a key component of the brain structure, and its change and destruction is associated with the problems of processing emotions, as well as with disabilities in the field of mental skills. The study was conducted on 3,000 patients – this is the largest study of its kind – and it can shed light on the biology of depression, and also help with the search for medication and treatment.


Donald Trump Essay

Trump essay

During the presidential election campaign in the United States, following the results of which Donald Trump received the majority of electoral votes in November 2016, and a number of initiatives were voiced, fraught with grave consequences for millions of people, Human Rights Watch reported, publishing its World Report 2017. These initiatives include the deportation of millions of immigrants, the review of US legislation to resolve torture, and the increase in the number of suspected terrorists subjected to indefinite detention without trial in the Guantanamo Bay prison. At the same time, in 2016 some progress was noted in the adoption of long overdue reforms in such areas as criminal justice, immigration, and national security.


Women’s Rights Essay – Higher Education

women’s rights essay

Our mothers and grandmothers were sure that life is impossible without higher education – every self-respecting woman must first obtain a diploma confirming it and only then get married, give birth to children, and realize themselves in the chosen profession. Today the situation has radically changed – higher education is no longer relevant and does not belong to the value system of modern women. Why did this happen? Over the years that separate us from the youth of our mothers, not to mention grandmothers, much has changed in the world – time constantly accelerates its running and it is impossible to ignore this fact.


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