How to Write A Causal Analysis Essay from Scratch

Read this article to discover a collection of tips and hacks on writing a top-notch causal analysis essay. The information from this practical guide would be helpful to students who are not sure on how to start an analysis essay and how to choose working casual essay topics. By reading the text below, you would find out what is an analysis essay and what to consider to make it brilliant.

Causal Analysis Essay Writing

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What is a causal analysis essay?

The most descriptive and clear causal analysis definition would be the written evaluation and investigation of the effects caused by specific events or subjects. To simplify the definition, let us say that a causal analysis essay has to contain three core elements: the cause, effect, and particular consequences. In other words, once you start figuring out the reasons, which led to certain situations, you begin the causal analysis process.

As understood from the title of the causal analysis essay, such papers require students to apply analytical skills and to be able to evaluate information. By finding logical connections between subjects and events and concluding on the consequences of their interaction, you would make a causal analysis essay perfect.

Preparation stage

State a topic

The topic for your forthcoming causal analysis essay matters a lot as it defines the structure and length. Moreover, after stating the topic, you would require providing preliminary research of sources, evaluating them, and generating the main thesis of the essay.

Collect data

In the initial stage of writing a causal analysis essay, you have to take time to research relevant materials. Depending on the topic and discipline, you would need to consider various categories of sources. We recommend including the following types:

  • Vlogs and blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Science journals
  • Books
  • Databases
  • Thesis papers
  • Other relevant sources

Choose the main thesis

After you collect all the information and evaluate it, you would have to define the main thesis. For any causal analysis essay, a thesis statement is crucial as it represents the logical construction of the paper. The main thesis must be reflected in each section of a paper’s structure.

Writing stage

How to start an analysis essay

For any essay, format and structure matter a lot. When writing a causal analysis essay on any topic, add the following elements:


This part has to represent the main thesis and identify the cause and effect. The audience has to receive a straightforward explanation of the topic. When you write an introduction for a causal analysis essay, you need to imagine your readership and include the terms representing the core ideas effectively, making them clear and easy to understand.


When you write the body of a causal analysis essay, you need to include three main logical blocks.

1) Restate and support the main thesis. It would be appropriate to remind the audience of the core ideas and paraphrase the central statements.
2) Now it is time to explain the cause and effect in detail. Start with presenting the cause. For example, it might be some events, actions, movements, etc. After you gave the cause, proceed with describing the effect. There is a need to find and expose the logical bound between cause and effect. The third core element would be connecting the cause and the effect. The audience must get a clear vision of how and why these elements or subjects are bound together.
3) In the final part of the body, you need to present the consequences of the interaction between the cause and the effect.


When you write a conclusion for a causal analysis essay, you need to remind the audience of the core points presented in the body and restate the main thesis. This section’s standard length could be 5-7 sentences. Do not add to the conclusion new details on the topic (do not include dates, calculations, numbers, new thesis statements, ideas, etc.).

Editing stage

When all the sections are written, you can proceed with the final stage of writing a causal analysis essay. You would have to dedicate time for proofreading the text with two core purposes:

1. Check the content

This stage of polishing your causal analysis essay must focus on checking the connections between cause and effect. Note that a practical causal analysis is the result of deep research and a complex approach. It would help if you looked for not only apparent consequences. Think over all causes and effects that relate to the topic and include everything you can.

2. Check grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing style.

The grammar editing of a causal analysis essay includes the same actions as for any other essay grammar editing process. You have to go through the whole text and reduce mistypes, double words, think over synonyms if the words are repeatedly used in the text, etc. We recommend applying tools and apps such as Grammarly, Wordy, and others that ease proofreading and make it effective.

More Tips And Hacks On How To Write A Causal Analysis Essay

Choose topics that inspire you to get the most out of them for your causal analysis essay.

  • When writing a conclusion, consider the points from the introduction.
  • Your paper would be easier to read if you would consider its cohesiveness. Use transition words to make the text readable. For example, put the thesis statement at the end of an introduction to quickly let the thought flow to the next section.
  • Use as many sources as possible to discover subjects from each side.
  • Try to find interesting facts and unexpected connections between cause and effect.

Here Are Some Casual Essay Topics to Consider

  1. Why do teenagers become addicted to video games?
  2. Why do people feel lonely without their smartphones?
  3. Why does taking drugs lead to death?
  4. Why did COVID-19 affect the way people live?
  5. Why do some people avoid having children?

The Perfect Causal Analysis Example You Wanted to Find

What Conditions and Events Led to the Great Depression?

The Great Depression remains as the worst economic downturn of the industrialized world. It is characterized by a global decline in industrial production, deflation, mass unemployment, rising poverty, and homelessness (Duignan). Yet nine decades later, economists and historians still have no consensus regarding its exact causes. Many people just associate it with the stock market crash of Black Tuesday. Although this event was a big contributing factor, the Great Depression was the result of a combination of successive unfortunate events and ill-advised protectionist reactions.

The role of the stock market crash of October 1929 is obvious, and this does not only refer to the Black Tuesday (October 29) when 16 million shares were traded, because the sell off started before, on October 24, when 12.9 million shares were traded and some investors massively sold overpriced shares ( Editors). After, those investors that used margins to invest in the stock market, which was the surest way to become rich during the roaring twenties (1920-1929), went bankrupt. On the retail side, many lost everything because of crazy speculation, but also on the institutional side, many banks saw their investments, their depositor money, vanish (Rosenberg). Many banks failed, and since at the time bank deposits were not insured, many who avoided the craziness of the stock market still saw their life savings in those banks wiped out, and the first failures created bank runs that shook an already weakened system. This crash was long overdue because of the structural deficiency in the US economy that expanded too much in the past decade, with a steep unequal distribution of the wealth created.

However, stock market corrections happen regularly without impacting the whole world. The American economy in fact was already in a mild recession in the summer of 1929. The agricultural sector was struggling because of less obvious events such as the droughts in many areas. And the worst one, dubbed the Dust Bowl, appeared after the stock market crash in 1930. So, while farmers were relatively safe in previous depressions because they produced essential goods, this one was different because of the timing of the droughts and the dust storm that destroyed crops on a large scale. Many farmers defaulted, which put even more pressure on the already weak banking system and exacerbate unemployment.

Now You Know How to Write A Causal Analysis Essay. What’s Up Next?

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