History Essay Example: George W. Bush

Will George W. Bush Be Seen As A Hero In 50 Years?

It is entirely possible that in 50 years, the world will consider George W. Bush, our 43rd President, to be a hero. According to www.whitehouse.gov, Bush was transformed into a wartime president in 2001, when the terrorist attacks of September 11th occurred. The way Bush handled himself, and the actions he took will be seen and considered by many to be heroic. 

He formed a new cabinet-level department of Homeland Security, and he sent American forces into Afghanistan to hunt down members of the Taliban. Major tax cuts were also delivered, as well as the recasting of the nation’s intelligence gathering and analytic services.

In March of 2003, the United States invaded Iraq and swiftly defeated their military. The success of this invasion is another reason Bush could be seen as a hero in the future.

The capture and execution of Saddam Hussein is yet another huge reason to believe Bush will be awarded hero status in the future. Hussein was captured near Tikrit on December 13th, 2003, and was later sentenced to death by hanging.

Since this took place during Bush’s turbulent first term, and he was responsible for sending troops to Afghanistan, he will be credited with this and seen by Americans as a hero who rid the world of an evil dictator.

His second term was much quieter.  The big stain on his record that occurred during his second term was how his administration handled Hurricane Katrina.

His biggest mistakes were the photos the White House released of him sitting in Marine One, looking down on the devastation; and also when he praised the director of FEMA, Michael Brown, and said he was doing a great job (Walsh, 2008). In reality, FEMA had botched the entire rescue effort. He was criticized heavily for those mistakes.

However, his successes handling the September 11th attacks, the Iraq War, and the capture of Saddam Hussein all stand him in good stead to be seen as a hero. He did manage to deal with some very difficult and stressful situations, that only a handful of presidents have had to deal with, and that alone has him headed towards hero status.


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