How to Format the Annotated Bibliography Effortlessly


An annotated bibliography can be a separate assignment or a part of a bigger research project. Some students believe it’s a useless waste of time, while others claim that writing one helped them greatly during their studies. Let’s have a closer look at what you are supposed to write at the end of your research paper.

What is annotated bibliography format?
Make sure you check your department’s preferable formatting style before working on your paper in order to avoid doing the same work all over again. More than that, many departments have handouts with formatting rules and writing advice. Here are two samples of an entry to an annotated bibliography, written in the two most popular formats – MLA and APA:

1) MLA format for annotated bibliography:
Mu, Shu. From A to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: a complete encyclopedia of nonsense. Magic and Wizardry, 2000.

This book offers an honest review of recent magical styles and their effectiveness. The author presents an objective rating of different approaches to magical and wizardry arts based upon extensive research data. Shu also evaluates possible perspectives for each magic school and ways of development of its doctrine. The book contains a lot of graphic material, used in comparisons of various magic enchantment and the effectiveness of teaching this styles in different schools across the country. The final chapters of the book touch the questions of magical globalization and its possible impact on distinct schools merging into one and, therefore, losing their unique features. Shu shows that most of the smaller doctrines, mainly practices in the remote parts of the country, are becoming less popular. The author also expresses concern on losing the original source of the national wizardry techniques and adopting foreign practices as more favorable and prestigious.

2) APA format of annotated bibliography:
Cooper, Sh. (2016). Interactions with protozoa of the human realm and its impact on highly-functioning brains. Sheldonopolis: Shelder the Emperor Publishing.

Cooper investigates the problems of highly functioning, as they were called at that time, individuals like the author of the book have to deal with while interacting with people with an average IQ of 90-100. The author wonders whether his intelligence creates a social barrier between him and living a social life that everyone else is living. As the author proceeds to conduct an experiment on his social skills, he fails and realizes that having a set of social communication skills may be better than saving his name as a scientist by stopping his incarceration with “mere humans,” since stopping an interaction altogether causes severe alterations in his behavior and cognitive functions. Finally, the author comes to the conclusion that since there’s no way to avoid personal contact in a way not harmful to his physical or emotional state, he decides to buy a purring stuffed cat.

3) Chicago format for an annotated bibliography:
Pines, Stanley. Creating the “Mystery Shack”: How to Sell Anything to Anyone. Gravity Falls: Bottomless Pit, 200000000000~.

The author investigates the nature of wonder in human beings and their desire to see unusual and scary things. Pines also ponders the question of make-believe game most of us play as children and its effects on our decisions as adults. He is strongly convinced, and uses research data conducted by Dr. Soos Ramirez, to prove that these games make humans more susceptible to lying and creates the psychological phenomenon also known as “see what you want to see.” S. Pines suggests banning these games on the legislative level since they undermine the origins of critical thinking in children and young adults.

So, basically, as you can see, you just move the year of the publishing, add parentheses and get a different formatting style. Of course, we are kidding. Differences in styles go far beyond adding parentheses, you also add or remove commas and full stops. We hope you’ve guessed that these entries for annotated bibliographies should be taken with a grain of salt. 😉

Change the names and annotations for real ones, and you will get a decent format for an annotated bibliography with no extra effort required. However, what can you do if you are overwhelmed with the number of other assignments, or simply too tired to deal with all these numerous rules? Remember that you can always ask for help.

Where to get help?
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