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the Tempest essay topics

“The Tempest” is one of the last plays written by William Shakespeare. Students often use “The Tempest” paper topics for their academic writings in college. Despite the popularity of topics on “The Tempest,” it is not easy to write an impressive essay with fresh thoughts.

Therefore, our service has found 30+ exciting topics on William Shakespeare’s play and will share them with you in this article.

Over 30 “The Tempest” Research Topics

  1. The motif of rebellion in the first three acts of “The Tempest.”
  2. “The Tempest” – Ferdinand and Caliban.
  3. Colonialism in “The Tempest.”
  4. The character of Prospero in “The Tempest.”
  5. The function of the Supernatural in “The Tempest.”
  6. “The Tempest” – character relationships.
  7. William Shakespeare and facts from his life he used in “The Tempest.”
  8. William Shakespeare and his works. Comparison with “The Tempest.”
  9. Globe theater and the play “The Tempest.”
  10. Caliban as a sympathetic character.
  11. Intersections of class, race, and gender in “The Tempest.”
  12. An analysis of Freytag’s Pyramid in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”
  13. “The Tempest”: a critical analysis.
  14. “The Tempest”: appearance vs. reality.
  15. The drama “Macbeth” and “The Tempest”: comparing heroes’ motives.
  16. Shakespeare’s last play.
  17. “The Tempest” – Prospero’s Rebirth.
  18. The characters and relationship of Ferdinand and Miranda.
  19. Compare and contrast two characters from “The Tempest”: Caliban and Miranda; Caliban and Ariel; Prospero and Miranda; Sycorax and Prospero; Stefano and Prospero.
  20. How do the events of the first scene provide an ironic comment on the actions of the two subsequent scenes?
  21. How does Caliban discover himself to be more expressive than Stephano or Trinculo?
  22. If Caliban and Miranda had the same upbringing, why are they so different?
  23. Nature is represented by Caliban while nurturing.
  24. Does Prospero indeed transform by the end of “The Tempest”? What is the argument to prove or disprove this?
  25. Prospero was always interested in learning, and he applied these interests to his magic book on the island. He used the powers he gained from the book to teach his enemies a lesson. Was Prospero delighting in the use of his magical powers? Is it logical to think he will give them up as he claims he will? Why? Add arguments from the play to prove your response.
  26. Shakespeare’s plays tend to have comic relief characters to lighten the drama that is taking place. Describe the characters involved in the Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano trio. What are the comical elements included in their scenes? How do they make fun of the many dangerous things in the story?
  27. What is the metaphorical significance of the storm at sea in the exposition of the play?
  28. During the storm, what can the audience already infer about Gonzalo’s character, and why?
  29. Costumes that you think would suit in the scene with Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo.
  30. What do you think about Prospero and his meddling in the relationship?
  31. What is Miranda’s function in the play? How does her character help to bring the play forward to the resolution?
  32. How appropriate is an ending to Shakespeare’s final play “The Tempest”?
  33. The way magic is used to intimidate and manipulate characters in the play “The Tempest.”
  34. How does Shakespeare present the idea of forgiveness at the end of the play “The Tempest”?
  35. Is “The Tempest” a play about the use and abuse of power? Consider how Shakespeare dramatizes the exercise of power and what the play suggests about the responsibilities of power.
  36. The role and significance of Caliban in “The Tempest,” such as the way Shakespeare presents the character of Caliban, and his contribution to the themes and dramatic effects of the play.


A student’s life is complicated enough, having to work on many new ideas for each discipline. Give yourself a break and try to use one of the “Tempest” essay topics described earlier in our article.

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