Tips for Completing a Writing Assessment Test With Ease

You have just finished the difficult path of a college applicant, managed to pass the entrance exams, prepare all the necessary documents and write a decent application essay and stay sane. You have the moral right to rest and celebrate your victory, but as soon as you get to the college, you are informed that soon you will begin a writing assessment test. What? More tests? Don’t worry, this is nothing like exams at the end of the term or the entrance test, and we will explain why there’s no need to worry.

What Is an Assessment Test?

This test is held by the educational institution you have entered, typically a college or a university, to determine your level of knowledge on a certain subject. A basic assessment test features English language and math questions, however, there is a great variety of topics. This test is held to determine your level on a certain subject and offer you a corresponding course to study. For example, if your high school program didn’t feature basic calculus, you won’t be sent to a course with an advanced calculus program. Consider a writing assessment test for college as a chance to create a perfect curriculum for your first semester.

Tips for a Writing Assessment Test

1) Don’t worry about failing the test.

You need to try really hard to fail a writing English assessment test. We wish to remind you once again that this is not an entrance test. You have already been admitted, and this test is held to determine your skills on a certain subject and, therefore, decide on what course level you should take during your first semester. Perceive this test as a helper rather than a challenge to your academic goals.

You may wonder: “Well, what if I panic or have a migraine during the writing assessment test for college, and my score will be really low?” Don’t worry, your academic future won’t be doomed even then. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be assigned to take a remedial course to prepare better for college level courses and assignments. But we are sure that you either will pass the test and be assigned to a standard course, or you will even be allowed to skip the entry level courses.

2) Don’t study the night before.

This is ineffective, and the only result you will get is dark circles and a poor ability to concentrate during the test. Do the opposite – have a good night sleep, and you will see how it can do wonders to your cognitive abilities. If you decide to spend the night sipping coffee and packing your brain with information, you are likely to face quite the opposite – the next morning you will be able to remember only the facts that you have known before.

However annoying that is, your teacher is right when he or she says that you shouldn’t study the night before. Scientific research has proven that 15 minutes of regular revision over a course of a month is more effective than an intense 2-day learning marathon. Using your long-term memory requires more time and consistent revisions, but it is more effective than attempts to learn the high school math course over a night.

3) Consider hiring a tutor.

Working with your personal tutor to prepare for a writing assessment test has a lot of benefits. Here are just a couple of them:

  • You can focus on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

Unlike ordinary classes, where you are supposed to do what everyone else is doing, learning with a personal tutor will help you focus on the things that you are doing well and things that need to be improved. For example, you are brilliant at writing essay introductions, but not that good at structuring the text. Instead of repeating the thing you are already good at, your tutor will help you improve your ability to structure the text and express your thoughts coherently.

  • Working with a tutor will help you feel more confident during the test.

We bet you know that feeling when you have studied as hard as you could, and you go to the test thinking “Even if I fail, I did everything I could.” Knowing that you worked really hard will help you stay calm and collected during the writing assessment test for college and do your best. Though you now know that you can’t truly fail an assessment test, like you can’t fail a medical examination, understanding that you are fully prepared will help you stress less.

  • You can study at a convenient time and in a comfortable environment.

Environment plays a great role in the effectiveness of education, especially when it comes to preparing for tests. Studying with your peers may be both inspiring and stressing. If you know that you will feel competitive and will try to outsmart your classmates, studying with a tutor is a better idea. Why? Because you will concentrate on things that truly matter for your education, not the things that can impress your peers. More than that, you can always take a little break, make yourself a cup of coffee and get back to the course. Studying can be enjoyable if you know how to do it correctly.

Where Can I Get Help?
It’s okay to feel stressed about your impending English writing assessment test, but we want to remind you that feeling doomed doesn’t actually mean that you are doomed to fail the test, especially in the age of technology, when professional help is one click away. Check our blog for more useful information, and visit to place your order and get expert help from our experienced and talented writers. College life can be difficult, but once you know where to go for help, it will become a lot easier for you. And remember: the English writing assessment test is not your enemy – it can be your friend if you approach it with a productive mindset. All you need to do is just ask our professional writers “help me with assessment writing,” and your academic problems will be solved once and for all.

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