The Complete Tutorial of Writing A2 History Coursework

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Colossus of Rhodes — do you know what they are? You have probably heard about the Seven Wonders of the World and these are three of them. Unfortunately, none of the mentioned wonders exist nowadays. So, how do we know about them?

All significant historical monuments have left traces of their existence. Due to historians, we can imagine how these monuments used to look and what their purposes were. If you are going to be a historian, you will need to have strong researching skills. Therefore, while studying you will have to complete many tasks that involve doing research. One of these tasks is A2 history coursework. In this article, we are going to tell you how to complete this assignment step by step.

Step 1: Preparations

Before you start working on your coursework, you will need to do some preparations:

  • Ask your teacher about the requirements. You should find out everything that you need to know to complete the task. It will be better if you could receive the instructions in your email so that you have permanent access to them. You should know exactly the length, the deadline, the suggested structure, and the types of sources that you are allowed to use in your history coursework for A2.
  • Select the topic. Typically, during the course, you study a specific historical period. You should concentrate only on one significant event from this period. To make your topic narrow, you should define the country and the period that you want to focus on (no more than one decade). You can write about political, social, or cultural life.

Step 2: Research

This step is dedicated to research. You will need to do it in several stages:

  1. Look through recommended sources. Your supervisor will probably recommend you specific sources for your topic. You need to get acquainted with them first of all. If he or she hasn’t recommended you anything, you can ask another teacher with the same specialization. Or, you can find the list of recommended literature on the website of prestigious universities or colleges. A tip: As a rule, the list of sources contains about ten to fifteen sources. They are listed in the order of importance. This means that you should pay more attention to the first five sources. You will take the majority of information from them.
  2. Make a plan. After examining the main sources and you are already familiar with the topic, and should be able to complete a plan of your history A2 coursework. It doesn’t need to be the final version. At this stage, it can be only a draft outline.
  3. Find experts. Your teachers probably know recommended sources inside out; therefore, you should find something that will impress them. We suggest you attend special history organizations that are occupied with conducting research on specific topics. Find the appropriate organization and ask them to provide you with information on the latest discoveries on your topic.
  4. Look for original documents. Obviously, you won’t be able to add original historical documents to your A2 history coursework, but you can at least take photos of them (if it is allowed). That way, you will be able to demonstrate the subject of your speech. Besides documents, you can add photos that are related to the period that you are writing about.

Step 3: Making a Plan

After exploring diverse sources and talking to experts, you should make your plan more detailed. In the draft outline, you could include points in free order. Now, you should put those points in logical order, so that each next claim is based on the previous one and not the contrary.

Step 4: Writing

Now, when you have a plan, it will be much easier to write your history coursework for A2. What should be in it?

  • A thesis. It is the main idea of your work. It should contain one to two sentences and you should make it very clear so that everyone can understand what you mean.
  • Strong arguments. If you claim that something happened or did not, you should provide the readers with arguments. Besides your own arguments, you should attach historical evidence, documents, and photos. Don’t forget to mention where you get the historical documents so that the reader can make an opinion on whether he or she can trust the source.
  • Analyses. You should make assumptions according to actual data. That way, you’ll demonstrate your ability to think logically and make conclusions from the events.
  • Experts’ comments. As we mentioned before, you should apply to a special organization to receive exclusive data. You should also take comments from famous researchers in the field if you can reach them.
  • The connection with the present. You can compare the past events to those that are happening now or have happened recently.

Step 5: Editing

You shouldn’t skip this step to complete impeccable A2 history coursework. Even if you were very attentive while writing, this doesn’t mean that you didn’t make a single mistake. We recommend that you check these points:

  • Grammar. You should check for orthographical, syntactic, punctuation, and other types of grammatical mistakes.
  • Inconsistencies. Check if all data is given in the correct order. Make sure that all subheadings are written in one style.
  • Structure. You should make your text easily readable. Therefore, pay much attention to make it well-structured.
  • Accuracy. Check if all names, dates, and other points of this nature are written correctly.

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