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Racism remains a critical social issue even today, in the modern, civilized world. Its poignancy and challenging nature have driven world-famous writers to reflect on this social malady in their thought-provoking literary creations. As one of the widely acclaimed novels criticizing the violent phenomenon of racism and the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’ is a prominent piece of literature attracting avid scholars to study it deeply. That being said, let’s dive into our enthralling ‘The Color Purple’ essay topics!

The Color Purple essay topics

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The Best ‘The Color Purple’ Essay Topics to Write On

  1. The theme of rejected Afro-Americans in ‘The Color Purple.’
  2. The portrayal of the severe problem of racial discrimination in ‘The Color Purple.’
  3. Oppression and abuse in ‘The Color Purple.’
  4. The leading Afro-American characters in ‘The Color Purple.’
  5. The theme of sexism in the novel ‘The Color Purple.’
  6. Female sexism in Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple.’
  7. The feminist theory represented in ‘The Color Purple.’
  8. ‘The Color Purple’ and the feminist theory of ‘From Margin to Center.’
  9. The cyclical nature of extreme racism in ‘The Color Purple.’
  10. The theme of unconditional love in ‘The Color Purple.’
  11. The idea of sexual identity represented in ‘The Color Purple.’
  12. The psychological effects of physical abuse in ‘The Color Purple.’
  13. The theme of a miserable marriage in ‘The Color Purple.’
  14. Violence as the driving force in ‘The Color Purple.’
  15. Sex as a distorted form of violence in ‘The Color Purple.’
  16. The representation on the concept of femininity in ‘The Color Purple.’
  17. The defining role of a strong woman in ‘The Color Purple.’
  18. The marginalization of women in ‘The Color Purple.’
  19. The color symbolism in the anti-racist ‘The Color Purple.’

‘The Color Purple’ Paper Topics

  1. Sex and spirituality in ‘The Color Purple.’
  2. The idea of sexism in ‘The Color Purple.’
  3. The stylistic devices adopted in ‘The Color Purple.’
  4. The theme of self-reflection in ‘The Color Purple.’
  5. The contradiction of the private and public spheres in ‘The Color Purple.’
  6. The great impact of society on gender.
  7. The idea of freedom in ‘The Color Purple.’
  8. The relevance of the novel ‘The Color Purple’ today.
  9. The idea of gender equality in ‘The Color Purple.’

It’s a Wrap!

Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’ has deservedly earned its universal fame and recognition. Touching upon one of the most tragic and inhumane social problems to date and raising awareness of this calamitous phenomenon, this piercing novel is today viewed as a manifesto against discriminating people whose skin color differs from that of the majority of the world’s inhabitants. The social relevance and strong appeal, presented through the fancy prism of unique aesthetics, have made ‘The Color Purple’ a distinctive piece of American literary heritage as well as the subject of academic interest from numerous scholars who explore the novel using ‘The Color Purple’ essay topics.

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