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Therapy Goals

Case One. Psychologists observe that unless a child develops appropriate play skills through interaction with peers and objects, their social development is significantly impaired. Based on this argument, the goal of therapy is to enhance their skills necessary to interact with peers and objects in a playground environment.
Case Two. The second case’s therapy is aimed to enhance the child’s ability to develop his or her speech. The therapist recognized the need to help the child develop his or her speech through the auditory model.
Case Three. In case three, the therapist attempted to improve the child’s language modality. Being a non-fluent aphasia case, the clinician is employed melodic intonation therapy to help the child achieve the goal.
Case Four. In the fourth case, the therapy is aimed at improving the child’s playing ability in a social setting. Since most mentally ill children exhibit different problems in interacting with peers, the imitation strategy was used in this case.

Case Five. The therapy is aimed to establish what is required for intervention. In achieving this goal, the therapist sought to establish whether there were other contextual variables that facilitated the observed behaviors.

In all the cases, the goals of the therapy were achieved during the therapy sessions; however, changes were seen when the individual children were left alone. In some cases, the client improved significantly during the therapy, but when left alone, they could be seen using the test equipment inappropriately.

For example, one child was seen spending a lot of time spinning the wheel of the toy truck. However, it was noted that helping children achieve the stated goals required persistence and patience.

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