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Executive Summary


‘Public Relations’ is a complex of techniques and methods regarding image management and the accomplishment of various activities in an organization. These methods enforce themselves in an evolving world, characterized by interdependencies, diversity on a level of socio-economic together with disputes and instability. PR adds to the betterment of an organization and the interest of the public whether it exists in a public or private area. In short, there is an alignment between the interest of an organization with the desires and problems of its public. If the whole organization has a good image within its public, the organization will enjoy a sympathetic attitude from the public aimed towards its action, which will assist it exceed crises (Bernays, 2004). Underneath the situations, communications conveyed through PR provides a number of ways of expressing the intentions, achievements and position of an organization. It also facilitates ways in which the organization will get the public’s feedback by creating interactive associations between various social entities. From such a point view, it is hard to imagine a modern society running with the absence and without the influence of PR (Morozan, 2006). As a big company, Powering Queensland needs to create a positive image with the public.


The use of Public Relation is communication, and it is important for organizations to communicate to inform the public and other interested parties of its identity, services, operations and benefits. With such information, the organization can easily grow and incorporate its interests with that of the public. The second importance of communication is the development of change or comprehension of behavior.

It is in the best interest of any organization to promote the public to think, feel or act in a specific way such as to stop drinking. This can constitute engaging in the self-interest, feelings or imagination of an individual. The tools employed by PR helps prevent misunderstandings that would otherwise create huge issues for an organization (Holmstrom, 2005). It ensures proper communication by placing a PR agent in the position of the audience, identifying their needs and creating an understanding of them.

The point of view of the public grows from what they see and what they hear. PR enhances this view to benefit the interests of the organization in order to realize its goal. The most important aspect of public relation is that it reduces the barriers among individuals and groups that vary from information overload to prejudice and suspicion. This paper focuses on the role of public relation in society in regards to systems theory (Hernes & Bakken, 2003).

There is enhancing egalitarian and unprecedented information access experienced in the 21st century. The world today is undergoing huge variations in the dynamics and even the influence of mass media and more migrations between the international populations. This, in turn, has increased the cultural tensions globally. The 21st century is a world where communication is less physical and more ideological (Valentini, 2013).

Time and space have given up to the internet, and social relationships are more viral due to dramatic changes brought about by technological advancement. Today, it takes a gadget to spread an idea or a thought. There is vast uncertainty, as nothing is safe in a global society. Social anarchy and confusion today, are widespread (Gofton, 1999). Many elements of social lives limited just by technological speed are the product of effective identity building. In today’s multifaceted and complex society, globalization is affecting both people and organizations to the level that none can think selfishly as bicultural or mono-cultural.

Public Relations Changes

Practitioners of public relations are facing more challenges today as globalization and information speed change the landscape and pace of the field. Businesses characterized by modern globalization need to understand the global and intercultural elements of PR while functioning in an international market. The globalization of PR is both a challenge and an opportunity for many professionals. Comprehending the social dynamics may still be a difficult difficulty for practitioners operating in global contexts.

In actuality, global PR would need to reflect the societal and cultural norms of the host countries. Taylor (2001) proposes that varying norms of behavior, cultural diversity and different points of social political progress all will require various moves towards the practice. Adding to cultural difficulties, PR agents are experiencing technological problems too. It is past the days when the release of information through the press acted as the main tool for PR (Taylor, 2001).

Today, e-commerce, internet and digital technology pose technological issues that considerably change modern public relations. Whereas organizations varying from service technology to production are implementing websites, PR is a particular significant thought for organizations as they start to provide services to their different constituencies through the internet.

Powering Queensland

There is usually an imbalance between the influences of public relations in the organization’s favor. In short, any organization does not transform due to public relations, but it tries to change public behavior and attitudes. As a company that provides power to Queensland, Powering Queensland needs to create a positive image with its associated public. Although it is currently the majority producer of energy to the city, the company produces dirty power.

It serves the businesses and residents of Brisvegas, but does not know the needs or the thoughts they have. The PR of Powering Queensland needs to employ a specific PR model in order to get information about the thoughts of the public it serves. First, it is important for managers to know the different types of models associated with public relation that need implementation in order to ensure success.

The first is the Two-way Symmetrical model that makes organizations more efficient. From the perspective of direction, communication that goes two-way permits the transfer of information. The flow of information is free between systems like publics, organizations, employees and managements. From the viewpoint of purpose, symmetrical communications looks to move equilibrium through mutual adjustment and cooperation.

In comparison, asymmetrical communication tries to iterate the public while leaving the organization the same (Grunig, 1992). It can be a general assumption that the effectiveness of organizations will improve with two-way communication as compared to one-way. This is mainly because there lacks clear boundaries among organizations and other structures because of information free flow, and the resolution of conflict is through communication and negotiation because of mutual benefits and cooperation thoughts (Kruckeberg, & Tsetsura, 1988). Lastly, two-way communication places a value on the input of employees and other people.

The Role of PR in Powering Queensland

Public relations can help powering Queensland in changing forms of social relations and societal coordination. Luhmann constitutes public relations from the perspective of social filters and evaluates the dynamics and systems of the social processes. This perspective can help the manager relate to the people of Queensland in terms of how they perceive the company. Social filters help a PR practitioner define social structures involved by communication, and applied when identifying the world.

It helps in identifying with organizations and society as constant reproductions of self-referential processes of communication that causes them to change continuously. A social structure comes from the meaningful coordination of the actions of more than two people. The theory of social systems is not a downgrade of human beings, but an analytical amplification. It justifies and motivates itself in constant, self-referential circuits of communication (Luhmann).

This means that whatever PR conveys constantly grows once it reaches the public and it is hard to iterate this information later. The image that powering Queensland, as an organization, will portray in a year after employing PR practices will not be constant. It is the duty of the practitioner to keep informed on the social systems and use it to change the organization with it.

Public Relations can also help any organization in its economical function. A positive image will ensure that the organization brings in more profits. Most organizations refer to the economy as a functional rationale to form decisions. The rationale of economy fundamentally incorporates a business enterprise. Since the 15th century, the communication processes of society have slowly clustered around different specialized underlying principles in functional systems.

Among the most outstanding are science, politics, mass media and economics (Luhmann). Each principle represents a certain social filter and, therefore, produces certain realities that are indifferent and unsuited to each other. Organizations change as a specific type of system when society gets to a certain point of complexity. PR is also the best way to create proper trade relations and improve trade between different organizations. As a marketing/PR strategy, creating trade shows helps increase sales, and inform the public about a certain product. The level at which an organization is will determine its relation to the public as it will have created a social identity…

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