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Do you consider higher intelligence to be a curse or a gift for those who possess is?

Majority of people think that intelligence is important for a successful life. Even though this is rather true, many people do not know that intelligence also brings some disadvantages. If we assume higher intellect represents someone with considerably high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), the higher intelligence is a gift if able to be constantly stimulated around like-minded people, particularly when a person is given opportunities to thrive and grow in a beneficial environment.

Unfortunately, it is a curse when intelligent population is not surrounded with other people who identify with their thinking. They are feeling isolated with no one to discuss their ideas and thoughts, understand their humour, and contemplate reflections of the world – simply alone in a crowd of friends (Schutz, 1958).

Studies show that individuals with higher IQ stay up late at night, and therefore wake up later. Experts say that it should not be surprising because intelligent people often choose night hours for reading, studying, analyzing, writing etc. The brain, due to the work, awakens and they find it hard to fall asleep later. The downside is that a good night’s sleep is important for health and normal functioning of the human. Certain people of higher intelligence also have a tendency of getting mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and depression (Jacobsen, 2000). Likely due to overthinking and coming to accurate conclusions about the world (which can be surprisingly dreary and frustrating). It is more difficult for them to be deceived or pleased by things that conforms others. Also due to curiosity, smart people lead into a very complicated and dangerous states such as addiction. Numerous studies have shown that bright people are disposed to self-destruction (Frank Farley, 1991).

Intelligent individuals are ordinarily aware that they are cleverer in the given place or time. To some people it means nothing and can normally fit into the society in which they are located, but to others compel to tell a little lie to boost the impression. Conversely, several studies have shown that enormously intelligent people believe in a peculiar things. Experts think it is related to high confidence and absolute assurance of smart people in their own brainpower, even when they are wrong (Yalom, 2008).

Religion, for instance, for many is a way to cope with stress one is unable to deal with. Putting all control and hopes up to God, believing into already written fate of each and every one, excepting human fault as divine intervention, simply allows us with no concerns regarding other things, mental health and well-being. In contrast, more intelligent population find it difficult to believe in religion, and therefore have to have faith in themselves and their own mental strength to deal with the life’s obstacles (Zuckerman et al, 2013).


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