Process of Writing a College Research Paper

Your academic research paper will present the results of your research on a selected theme. A research paper is based on facts and ideas that you have gathered from a great variety of sources. Writing a quality research paper is a key skill that you will need to learn while being a student.

To write an outstanding research paper, you should follow a few important steps that will be outlined below. If you cannot write your paper independently, you can ask our custom writing service to help you.

Research Paper Writing Steps

Before you start writing a research paper, remember that plagiarism is strictly forbidden by all universities. Plagiarism means using someone else’s work and claiming this work as your own. The way to avoid plagiarism is to cite all your sources. When the work is written all your sources must be listed on a separate reference page.

Picking the Appropriate Theme

Your research paper theme should be interesting to you and to your reader therefore you need to choose a topic that will catch the attention of the audience. We suggest you avoid issues that people might find boring. Do not select a topic that is too broad or too narrow.

Doing the Research

To do effective research, you will have to analyze a great amount of material. Visit your local library: read scholarly periodicals, books, magazines, and newspapers and use Internet. Take note, the more research you conduct, the more detail you will be able to add to your work. Organize all the data, make notes while doing your research, and keep all your thoughts and ideas organized.

Composing the Thesis Statement

Once you have chosen your theme then you may start writing the introduction: write the thesis statement and that will set your focus. The thesis statement should give the main goal of the research paper goal and answer the question that your work explores.

Once the introduction is written, write the main part of the paper; every paragraph of the body should present an argument which supports the thesis statement.
The paper ends with the conclusion where you must summarize the significance of the argument. Do not add new information in the conclusion. Cite all your sources correctly and do not plagiarize the work.

Before you present your research paper to the audience, make sure that you have proofread it properly. You may give it to someone who has academic writing experience; this will help you to avoid grammar and lexical mistakes.

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