Pride and Prejudice Analysis Essay Sample

Pride and Prejudice Analysis Essay Sample

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Discuss the Importance of Dialogue to Character Development in the Novel Pride and Prejudice

Characters play a vital role in every literary work. They deliver exposition, contributing to the development of themes in every storyline. Normally authors opt to utilize the most engaging technique to further building the characters of their own. In the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Jane Austen has successfully made the most of her expertise in dialogue technique, developing the characters symbolizing certain qualities such as love, arrogance, proud, and intelligence.

While readers are in the depth reading phase, they are instead presented with the new character development of each role. Through the conversation between Darcy and Elizabeth, Austen develops Darcy’s character by providing the sense of regret and reflection of himself, depicting his sincere affection towards Elizabeth in a gentlemanlike manner, unlike before (Shmoop Editorial Team). Likewise, through the same conversation, Elizabeth’s character is further developed expressing her alternate insights of Darcy, revealing her ability to rationally think and wisely respond to the crisis arises in their relationship. (Austen 450-457).

Another instance is during the conversation of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Elizabeth in Longbourn. Her true colors of being overly aware of her social class triggers Elizabeth’s character as she becomes even more confident in delivering her standpoint protecting her pride not easily to be manipulated by wealth (Pride). Though Lady de Bourgh is a minor subject, her part is somewhat crucial in supporting the characters of her allies and continuously whips up Elizabeth’s loathe towards Darcy by being an elitist.

Having a thorough reading of the novel, Austen perfectly exposed each character accordingly through the arrangement of dialogues, triggering readers’ excitement and curiosity on what is coming next. She notices the importance every conversation created in elaborating each character as they act as the major contributor to the story plot.

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