One Hundred Years of Solitude Essay


One Hundred Years of Solitude Essay

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How Might One Argue That One Hundred Years Of Solitude Is A Realistic Novel, Despite Its Fantastic And Magical Elements?

One Hundred Years of Solitude is considered the greatest novel in the Spanish language after Don Quixote de La Mancha. Roy (2012) reminds that the author of the novel, Gabriel Garcia Marquez asserts that there is not a single line in his novels which is not based on reality. Such thinking can be seen in all the narrative experience the reader has on this novel.

Some people after read One Hundred Years of Solitude can relate themselves with their own personal realities, despite the magical and fantastic elements in the story, because metaphors always inspire the author about the cruel reality of Latin America and its story of violence, civil wars, coups d’état, dictators and torturers.

In a certain part of the story, one character kills another character, and his ghost speaks to him after that from time to time.

That fantastical event can be interpreted as the remorse of the killer, a realistic feeling greatly interestingly illustrated by the author.

Another curious feature of this book is the genealogic tree, which gets more confusing as the reader progresses in the story. Such confusion with similar names is somewhat intentional by the author, to reflect the fact that the story of families can also be lost in time, with minor details being forgotten, even if the family name is still in existence (in this case, the Buendia family).

As soon as the reading starts, the reader feels immersed in a frenetic environment, full of poetry elements. Geetha (2010) affirms that Garcia Marquez blends real with the magical through the use of tone and narration. Such a tone is capable of restraining the reader to question the events of the novel, at the same time the reader starts to question the limits of the reality of such events. This intensity makes this novel an excellent experience for reading.

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