No One Knows This About APA Term Paper Format

If you are studying social sciences such as history, psychology, sociology, or any other aligned discipline, you should know APA format’s requirements inside out. You won’t have the access to an APA guide all the time; therefore, you should memorize at least the most crucial requirements. We would like our articles to be very useful for students. For this reason, we have prepared the article on APA term paper format so that you can kill two birds with one stone. You will know how to complete a paper in APA style and also you will find out helpful tips on writing term papers.

APA Term Paper: Requirements That You Should Always Remember

Standards Examples and Instructions
Margins 1 inch on all sides, aligned left. This sentence is
aligned left

This sentence is
aligned right

Instruction for Word document: to set 1 inch margin for all sides, click “Page layout,” then margins. Choose “Normal” (typically it is 1 inch for all sides) or you can click “Custom margins” and set margins on your own.

Font A serif typeface for text and sans serif for figures, 12 pt. Serif typeface: Times New Roman, Chaparral Pro, Lucida Bright, and others
Sans serif typeface: Arial, Berlin Sans Fb, Century Gothic, and others.
Spacing Double-spaced. This is a single-spaced sentence.
It saves room on the page, but it is not well-readable.This is a double-spaced sentence.It is easier to perceive it than a single-spaced one.
Running head At the top of every page, flush left, all letters are capital. The quantity of characters should be less than fifty. THIS RUNNING HEAD IS LESS THAN FIFTY CHARACTERS
Page numbers Flush right. Page number is required on every page, including the title page. 1
The first line of the paragraph Indented one-half inch. A tip: use the Tab key to indent quickly.
Title page Typically required.

Running head: THE TITLE OF PAPER  1

The Title of Paper in the Center of the Page
Your Full Name
The Name of Your University

These APA style term paper requirements are quite easy to memorize after you examine them several times. It would be better for you in the future if you memorize information from our table now once and for all.

Top 5 Pieces of Advice on APA Format Term Paper
Today, we are talking about the APA term paper; therefore, we have prepared recommendations that will be primarily useful for students that are studying social sciences. Get acquainted with our quick tips below.

  1. Choose the topic quickly. Looking at many lists with different topics for hours, trying to guess which one is the best: is this a familiar situation to you? If your teacher has given you the list of topics, you can choose literally any of them. Why? Primarily, because your teacher knows which topics can be revealed properly according to your academic level and access to sources. Therefore, don’t waste much time on selecting the perfect topic. You should concentrate more on research.
  2. Start your investigation from smaller sources. To immerse yourself in the topic as soon as possible, you should start to examine the theme from small articles so that you have a general understanding of the topic. Afterward, you can have a closer look at specific issues from the topic. Seeing the picture, in general, will give you an opportunity to decide what details to add to your paper. Don’t start your exploration with reading a big book. It is reasonable to do that in the middle of the process of your research.
  3. Set necessary format requirements in the end. When you are writing a paper, you sometimes need to add a table or some picture which can ruin some settings such as margins. For this reason, do not waste time on following all the requirements at once. You should set most of them after finishing the whole work. If you need to print your paper instead of sending it to your teacher’s e-mail, you can create one document for the text and one for the table, pictures, or any other kind of attachments.
  4. Don’t forget about transitions. When you are completing an APA style term paper, you should use transitions so that the flow of your text will be consistent and logical. We are going to provide you with non-trivial transitions because the most common you know:
    • as a matter of fact

    • alternatively

    • considering (this)

    • on the subject of (this)

    • (to) put (it) another way

    • conversely

    • regardless (of this)

    • be that as it may

    • admittedly

    • in either event

    • owing to (the fact)

    • inasmuch as that

    • being the case

    • in a word

  5. Reread your paper while writing. After completing each paragraph and section, there’s no sense in rereading it. You can easily overlook some mistakes. Accordingly, you should check each paragraph after a while. For example, if after you finish the second section, you should reread the first, after completing the third section, you should reread the second, and so on and so forth. In the end, you will need to read the whole text anyway, but you won’t have so many mistakes if you reread each paragraph earlier.

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