MLA Essay Example on Dental Implants


MLA Essay Example on Dental Implants

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental professionals often recommend dental implants for people who have extensive tooth decay and tooth loss. One of the reasons dentists recommend dental implants over more traditional tooth replacement systems such as dentures and bridges is because of the need to retain as much bone density as possible. Maintaining bone density is especially important for persons who still have a fair number of years left to enjoy life.

Good oral health is paramount to maintaining overall health. It is also important for people who have chronic medical conditions like osteoporosis, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis to maintain healthy levels of bone density. In addition to helping to retain bone density, other advantages dental implants offer, include: the convenience of not needing to replace and remove a dental apparatus daily, they are durable, and they help people maintain their normal speech patterns. Implants also promote self-confidence.

Although there are a host of advantages associated with the installation of dental implants, there are also some disadvantages people who are considering undergoing an implant procedure need to be aware of. There is a risk of an infection developing at the site of implantation (Dental Implant). People who have problems with their sinuses need to be especially mindful of the possibility protrusion of implants placed in the upper regions of the mouth into a sinus cavity. There is also the possibility of short-term or permanent tingling or numbness of the lips, chin, and gums caused by damage to nerves during the process of implantation (Oral Health and Bone Disease).

The recommendation for anyone contemplating whether to move forward with the implantation of one or more teeth is to consider several variables including their overall health, and recovery time. Smokers should be aware of their increased risk of complications following their procedure. If it is determined the reward is greater than the risk, implants can add to the quality of a person’s life.

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