Evaluation Essay: Should Global Companies Adapt To National Peculiarities?


Yes. This decision will be based on the company’s due diligence when considering locating a facility in the selected nation. During the process, the company has begun establishing a presence in the community by coordinating with the local civic organizations. The due diligence includes relationship building with the community, introducing the company through an awareness campaign, which typically begins with the potential for bringing new jobs to the locale.

The company’s assessment of the business flavor of the community is an integral part of this process. The evaluation leads to a reciprocal learning for both the company and the local business community. The company will begin to learn and perhaps understand local culture, customs and the diversity of the community.

Perhaps the best method for infusing national and local peculiarities occurs when the company begins hiring local people. The company will then incorporate those local cultural customs, holidays and value systems. Further, as the company becomes established in the community; understanding and adopting the resident business culture will lead to the company becoming an accepted partner within the community. However, it must be noted some local business culture customs may run contrary to ethical business norms and must be avoided.


Adopting and adapting local culture and customs can be accomplished without impacting the company’s core values and performance goals. The local customs and diversity of cultural offerings will enhance and strengthen the company’s ability to grow as a global and multi-national corporation. The company must recognize and incorporate local national holidays and celebrations just as the local businesses. When a holiday is recognized by local businesses as a cause for celebration and a day off, the company should follow suit. Select local hires for key positions and representatives to the community. The company will benefit from assimilating local customs and acclimating to the local business climate.

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