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The controversial and heated problem of racism is often mirrored in prominent American literature. And there’s no wonder for that – the complexity of the phenomenon of racism inspires writers to show interest in this topic and express their attitudes to it through their literary works. Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye,’ as one of the most remarkable novels about racism, raises this problem beautifully. And this is what gave rise to ‘The Bluest Eye’ questions that the BuyEssay experts have developed for you!

The Bluest Eye Questions

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‘The Bluest Eye’ Essay Topics

  1. Severe racism as an inspiration for ‘The Bluest Eye.’
  2. The imagery used in ‘The Bluest Eye’ and how it helps convey the main message of the novel.
  3. The theme of shame in ‘The Bluest Eye’ as one of the main themes in the novel.
  4. The preconditions for the appearance of ‘The Bluest Eye.’
  5. Why ‘The Bluest Eye’ remains one of the greatest novels on racism so far.
  6. ‘The Bluest Eye’ as a poetic investigation of racial and sexual feelings.
  7. The structural organization of ‘The Bluest Eye’ as the medium for expressing the main idea of the novel.
  8. The symbolic role of the seasons in the novel ‘The Bluest Eye’ and how seasons help augment the main themes and message of the novel.
  9. The allusions employed in ‘The Bluest Eye’ and how they enhance the literary significance of the novel.
  10. The cultural, historical, and emotional depth of the novel ‘The Bluest Eye.’
  11. Why ‘The Bluest Eye’ is often referred to as experimental prose by critics.
  12. The significance of ‘The Bluest Eye’ in terms of gaining perception into the problem of racism.
  13. The problem of gender highlighted in ‘The Bluest Eye’ with the help of imagery.
  14. The shaping of the main characters in the novel ‘The Bluest Eye.’
  15. How the mood of the story changes with the seasons, depending on the seasonal peculiarities.
  16. The feminist themes in ‘The Bluest Eye’ and how they contribute to the value of the novel.
  17. The themes of violence and evil represented through the author’s perspective in ‘The Bluest Eye.’
  18. ‘The Bluest Eye’ as a defiance to the “American mainstream ideology”: presenting the hardly known side of American life during the Great Depression.
  19. The protagonist of ‘The Bluest Eye’ as the embodiment of the Afro-American hardship.
  20. Why the critical reception of ‘The Bluest Eye’ was so mixed and controversial.
  21. The Great Depression through the anti-racist and feminist perspective of Toni Morrison.
  22. ‘The Bluest Eye’ as the product of racial theories of Kant, Jefferson, and Hume.

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Back at the time, ‘The Bluest Eye’ sparked incredibly heated controversy and discussion in both the literature and social spheres. Touching on the hidden social and psychological problems the US society was going through during the 1940s, Toni Morrison crafted an unprecedented manifesto of the fight against racism and discrimination at large.

While many influential individuals mostly eschewed this hot-button topic when it came to the hardship of the 40s, the author of ‘The Bluest Eye’ managed to communicate other, less talked about issues and challenges that American society, mainly Afro-Americans, faced at the time. And, thanks to the novel, these issues are still widely discussed and explored with the help of relevant ‘The Bluest Eye’ questions, with some of them masterfully created by the BuyEssay experts!

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