Identity Essay Sample


The main aim of the identity essay is to answer questions about the author, your friends and others; what is more, culture and community are also part of identity. It is important for the author to explore the impact of personal life in order to understand the impact of different people that are forming your identity.

Sources of Identity
A person is recognized by their identity which makes an individual different from millions of other people. A person’s identity is the set of characteristics which distinguish that person from other human beings. As a child, I was quite energetic, vigorous and popular which made me feel unique about myself. I grew up in an average sized family, whose accomplishments were rather more significant than its size. My father was my idol, which made me very keen to follow in his footsteps and become successful on different levels.
Genetics play a big role when it comes to defining who we are. Both biological and environmental elements affect the behavior of every individual regardless of various variables such as gender. The most basic biological influence is the sex chromosomes that mark females and males. These chromosomes influence the development of male or female sex organs in the fetus and consequently dictate the development of a boy or a girl. I believe that my biologically inherited traits played a more significant role in shaping my identity than environment or personal choice.

Family and kinship are a powerful source of identity for many individuals. While I was growing up as an early teenager, I thought I would never grasp why some people smoked. I used to utterly dislike cigarettes and could never find good reason why some people would choose to smoke. Despite all the hatred and the half truths that were cultivated about the hazards of smoking, I decided to try out smoking for just one instance. I was in the company of my friends, some of whom happened to be smokers and it felt awkward to sit among them without ever having smoked. One of my friends offered me a cigarette and I decided to try it out for once. Half way through my first cigarette, I realized why people smoked. It was not sapid or visually appealing, it made me think clearer, and made the surroundings seems very interesting and I felt elevated. Nevertheless, I quit the same day because I felt it affected my aspirations. Had I followed my environment or choice, I would’ve been a smoker today. For the most part of my life, my parents have believed that I am polite, disciplined, entrepreneurial and generous which is about the same that my friends say about me.

The media also plays a major role in the shaping of a person’s identity especially in children. A room may become a place of fear, distress, and alienation, during childhood when the child is not yet secure about their bodies and they tend to compare them with other children. Boys are generally more inclined towards sports and similar activities that make them feel “masculine.” I feel that such differences are shaped by the surroundings in which we live where the media plays a very significant role in shaping society by influencing children as in my case. Media has played a major role in building the gender identity in my life. For instance, during my preschool years, I used to think that gender was a means of discrimination against people. Researches have proved that television has a significant influence in the life of the child since he or she does not have understanding of television in those early years of life. During these years the child is heavily engaged in social interaction between friends and family, and it is irrefutable that the media through TV and radio has great importance in building the world’s image for each person…

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