How to Write a Winning College Essay

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October 4, 2012

What should I write my college essay about?” is the question most students have to answer at some time during their studies. To write an outstanding college essay can be a difficult task, but if you choose an appropriate theme for your work, your success is guaranteed.

Choosing a College Essay Topic

Research a lot of materials; visit your local library, read newspapers, articles, and periodicals in order to find out what is being widely discussed nowadays. Select a theme that will be interesting for you, not only your audience. This will not only help you with your research, but you will never need to ask “What should I write my college essay about?” at the last minute. Once your theme is chosen, you may start writing your college paper. Your topic must not be too broad or narrow.

College Essay Writing Instructions. Tips

A college essay aims to reveal information about the topic. The topic can be dealt with using different ways such as argumentative, critical, and other styles. It will show not only what you know, but reveal the depth of your research, your critical thinking skills, and your creative ability. The key is to start preparation as early as possible so that you are not up against an immediate deadline which will stress you.
Let your first draft flow. Once you have researched the appropriate materials, gathered notes, and listed the main issues, start writing your essay draft. You should not worry if your first draft is not perfect, you will fix all your mistakes and improve the structure later.
Of course, there will be those students that will still ask “What should I write my college essay about?” even after they have chosen the theme. To avoid such difficulty ensure you research the topic well, and create an outline. Be attentive while following the main college essay writing rules.

Develop Three Essay Components

The essay introduction must present the main arguments of the paper to the audience and at the same time catch the attention of the reader. The main component of the introduction is the thesis statement, usually it should be written in one or two sentences.
The main part of the paper, or the body, will present several paragraphs that will explain the central idea of the work. Write important arguments supported with the evidence, one paragraph- one argument.
The conclusion must summarize everything that was written in the essay; you are strictly forbidden to provide new information in the summary.

Stay Clear. Be Accurate

Figure out the main question of the essay and show how it relates to your personal qualities. Make sure that all the data you supply in the paper supports the main viewpoint.

Proofread Your Paper. Get Feedback

Once the college essay is composed, you may give it to your family, friends or to someone who has academic writing experience. Ask if it sounds like you and if it makes sense. Consider the feedback and make appropriate changes. Proofread the work and check it for grammar or spelling errors.
You see that writing a college essay is a little bit troublesome, but if you try to do your best you will never ask “What should I write my college essay about?”
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