How to Write a Sociology Essay Quicker

Writing a sociology essay may be a difficult task for some students. But don’t worry: today you will learn how to write an A level sociology essay easily. Before you start writing your paper, it is important to learn the criteria for essay evaluation.

How to Write a Sociology Essay

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How to Write a 20 Mark Sociology Essay: Evaluation Criteria

What does your professor want to see in your sociology essay? In this type of writing, you need to do the following:

  1. Include a statement of a popular figure or well-known academic and formulate one of the ideas (not problems!) at your discretion and expand it to reveal the main essence.
  2. Use theoretical concepts to accurately and fully reveal your idea.
  3. To confirm the idea, bring two arguments from different sources, and expand them to describe and connect with your chosen idea.

Only in this way can you get a good grade for your sociology essay. The main thing here is to present the main idea correctly. If you want to know how to start a sociology essay, you should begin with the correct plan.

How to Write a Sociology Essay: A Level Plan

To know how to structure sociology essay, you need to follow these points:

  1. Write an introduction.
  2. Write the theoretical section.
  3. Present the first argument and its explanation.
  4. Present the second argument and its explanation.
  5. Write a conclusion.

Remember that you should stick to the number of words indicated by your professor.

How to Write a Good Sociology Essay Introduction

In this paragraph (first paragraph), you need to formulate one of the ideas of the statement you have chosen and explain its meaning.

For example:

  • “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another” (Thomas Merton). This is a quote on sociology that speaks of importance of love in our lives (idea). Its meaning lies in the fact that a person needs someone to share his or her live with (the meaning of the quote).

Thus, you need to work with any statement, defining its idea and revealing the meaning.

For an introduction, you can use the following structures:

  1. In his/her statement/quote, (name of the author) speaks of …
  2. The meaning of her/his words is as follows: …

These are universal sentences that will suit any expression.

BUT! An essay on sociology varies, and you can write either about an idea or a problem depending on the requirements. However, you do not need to write about relevance, because it is an outdated template that annoys most professors.

How to Write a Sociology Essay: The Theoretical Part

You need to prove what you wrote in the first paragraph based on theoretical knowledge. Give at least three concepts related to the idea, reveal their meaning, and relate them to each other and to the chosen topic. Note that you do not just need to write definitions of concepts, but also explain them, reflect on their connection, and describe their relation to the idea.
Also, you don’t need to write extra concepts that have nothing to do with the chosen topic. If you are writing about the state budget, then take a concept related to it – the state budget itself, its revenue and expenditure parts, the ways in which money is distributed, sources of revenue, etc.

As such, there is no universal structure for this part, but you can start the paragraph with the following words: “To confirm this idea, let’s turn to theory.”

First and Second Arguments

Many students have problems with this part of the essay, because sometimes it can be difficult to give two examples from different sources. But you always need to be crafty, because the sources of arguments can be invented by yourself.

For example, we have the idea of the role of women’s self-esteem in the social media age. Our first argument concerns American popular culture. We can start it with the words:

  • “An example to confirm this idea is an article that I read in the source (the name of a newspaper, magazine, television channel, etc.).” Next, describe the situation with America as a postindustrial and patriarchal society and make a mini-conclusion about the fact that men are still more privileged than women and how this impacts American society and culture.
    As a second example, you can cite the words of Diana Kendall, who said that the knowledge, language, and values are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group or society. Begin your second argument:
  • “In addition, I know that culture influences the American people …” Next, describe the culture as a framework of our lives. Tell that even if a person may not act and believe as the next person, the culture still influences us.

Note that the arguments have a similar structure, but since you indicated different sources, your essay will be evaluated higher. The main thing is to indicate the exact name of the source; do not say that you just heard it, but write specifically where exactly you found the statement.

How to Conclude a Sociology Essay

There is no strict criteria on how to write a conclusion for a sociology essay, but this does not mean that the conclusion does not need to be written. You can end up with arguments, but this way your essay will not look complete, so the conclusion is worth writing. In this paragraph, you simply summarize everything written earlier using the following phrase:

  • “Thus, both of these examples prove once again …”

Algorithm for Writing a Sociology Essay

  1. Read all statements carefully. Highlight one or more key ideas. Formulate one or more theses in the context of statements that require justification.
  2. Think what terms and provisions from the course of sociology can be attributed to this statement and write them.
  3. Ensure the correctness of the use of concepts, theoretical principles, reasoning, and conclusions.
  4. Use quality facts and examples:

– There should be at least two examples, but more can be presented.
– Present sources of facts of public life, personal social experience (books and films), and materials of educational subjects (history, geography, etc.).
– Present them without errors and make sure they are specific and detailed.
– The example should illustrate the stated proposition, so do not try to place them at the end of the text.

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