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holocaust essay

How Did the Holocaust Happen?

Holocaust is one of the most terrible disasters that has ever happened to mankind. For the four years, starting from 1941 to 1945, when Nazis were finally defeated, over 6 million European Jews died. How did it happen? What were the perquisites?

Back in 1934, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. He believed that the Aryan race has to lead all the other races, which were supposed to obey the rules he made up as they were “race of the second order”(Günter 33). At the beginning of his dictatorship, Hitler passed some anti-semitic laws. It controlled every sphere of Jews life and violated their rights, including the right to education. There were few reasons for such behavior:

  • historical. In the Middle Ages Jews were accused of causing the plague epidemic and were hunted in the Crusades.
  • political. A lot of Germans blamed Jewish for their lost in World War I and hated their political activity. It was believed that all Jews were communists.
  • economical. Majority of successful businesses in Germany were owned by Jews, and it caused a big competition for German entrepreneurs.
  • sexual. Hitler presumed that Jewish man tends to spoil Aryan race by having sexual contacts with German women. Some historians say that it’s because in his youth he was often rejected by women because of the Jewish man.

Thus, because of the confluence of different circumstances after the First World War, due to the deterioration of the economic state of Germany, anti-Semitic beliefs took on a mass character, the fear of the elite against the Communists was imposed, and that resulted into Hitler’s coming to power and the Holocaust happening.

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