Essay Writing Examples: The History Of White Race Riots In America

The First World War brought financial loss and losing of the working class. Summer of 1991 came history of the USA as the Red Summer. This name is based on the activities of that period. The abbreviation “Red” appeared because of racial troubles.


The industry fell down and managers decided to give a job people from Southern lands. White people were angry when knew about it. They tried to survive in this difficult period. White workers started to attack southern workers. The first attack was fixed in May in Charleston.

The largest riots were fixed in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Elaine.On July 19, in Washington D.C. black men was attacked by white men for the violation. This event launched an aggression for four days. During the fight were killed two black persons and four white persons. According to the data there were injured 50 people.

In Chicago, 27th of July happened another accident. Lake Michigan was a place for white people. Black men came to the beach to swim. There was a group of white people. At first they stoned him, after that they drowned him. The police refused to arrest violent criminals, and fight began again. During 13 days of fighting, white people destroyed about 1000 homes of African-American families and killed 50 black persons.

Last crime was fixed on Elaine. This event was most weighty. In this battle were killed a lot of people: five Americans and 100 black people. It happened on the 1 of October. I think it led to more destruction. Collaboration with Southern people impaired the situation in the USA twice. They could settle this situation without losing with own energy.

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