Health Care Essay – Free Healthcare System Disadvantages

health care essay

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A free healthcare system that provides medical care to all those in need, regardless of their social status or personal income, is often deemed as an ideal. Yet, in those countries that already practice free healthcare, many would disagree and claim that free healthcare comes with many disadvantages.

Primarily, there is a fact that it is not really free. The government has to fill the funds by imposing taxes. The tax is dependent on overall earnings of an individual. In that manner, those who earn more pay more tax but the medical care they receive doesn’t differ. In order to keep the costs under control, the government provides only selected medical treatments and medicaments. People therefore still have to pay for additional treatments and medications and sometimes even turn to private healthcare providers for help.

Secondly, as the government funds are controlled by the group of individuals in power, there is a possibility of corruption. The corruption may lead to misuse of people’s money. For instance, money can be used for other goals and the medical institutions would then be deprived of the necessary funds to finance their needs. Also, since funds are limited, there is little space for innovation and investment in latest equipment and procedures.

The third issue that stands against the notion of free healthcare is the overall satisfaction of those who use it. Different people have different needs, and while some would overuse the system by undergoing treatments and procedures just because they are free, other would suffer having to wait for some serious or urgent states. As a result many countries that have adopted the free healthcare system “ration health care services through methods such as budgeting, controlled distribution, service restriction and price setting” (“Pros & Cons of Universal Health Care”). This means that, in the end, people still have to pay if they do not want to, or cannot wait for the treatment, and for medications that are not covered by free healthcare.

In conclusion, it must be stated that there is still no perfect solution regarding the healthcare system. As Hippocrates stated, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” (“Hippocrates Quotes”). Therefore governments should provide the equal opportunity for people regardless of their social or financial status, but it seems that only basic and emergency treatments should come for free. The free healthcare could be misused by both the ones that provide it and people that use it and depend on it, and should, therefore, be strictly limited. In the meantime, the humanity remains in search for an ideal healthcare system.

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