Fill Your Technical Resume with All the Information Needed

Most IT specialists and recent graduate students consider their technical achievements the most important points to mention on their technical resumes. As a result, most of the technical resumes look like a shopping list of certificates. In this post, we have prepared useful tips to develop your technical resume.

Understand What Grabs Attention

Remember one simple rule: most HR-managers read only the first half page of a resume and then decide whether they should continue reading or put it aside. Therefore, all the important information should be on the first part of your page.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Your potential employer is most interested in what you have achieved most recently as opposed to several years earlier. So, it is important to put the latest and most relevant job experiences at the top of your resume section for work experience, with a brief description of responsibilities. Additionally, remember that a person who has one-year job experience and a five-page resume should rearrange it as if he or she is a professional with 10 years job experience and a 1-page list of experiences.

Make It Distinctive

Make your tech degrees and certificates stand out in your technical resume. All you need to do is provide an explanation about how each certificate and skill has prepared you for the position you are seeking. Devote some place in your resume to explain how you effectively used your knowledge and skills in a previous position.

Include Action Verbs

Do not use such cliché phrases like “in charge of” or “took a part in.” It is really difficult to define whether you contributed to mentioned activities or not and to what effect. Use something like “organized,” “managed,” “discovered,” and “developed.” Don’t forget to use the dictionary and thesaurus to help you find synonyms to use so that you are not using the same words over and over. If you need a list of adjectives, action verbs, or transitional words, check the Internet. So, don’t be afraid to promote yourself through highlighting your experience and for anything else that you achieved. Just work at how to express it effectively through precise word choice.

Use Keywords Correctly

Overcome the temptation to cram your resume with a substantial number of keywords that you feel will impress your potential employer or can help you to glide through the initial HR scan. You can strengthen your resume with keywords if the job description requires it.

Modify Your Resume

Do not send the same type of technical resumes for every job position. While you can find a lot of commonalities in vacancies, you can also find a number of differences. If you try to send out the same type of resume for every position, you will not fit all the peculiarities between the positions. Ensure that you are tuning into all the nuances for every job positions you are applying for.

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