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In this example of a descriptive essay, the author focuses on the issue of fighting breast cancer and various ways to raise public awareness of the matter. As the result of this, wide-spread disease millions of events have been organized all over the world. The “Pretty In Pink Event” was one good example of such event, aimed specifically at the audience of women and young girls in the United States. We hope that our example of a descriptive essay will help you in your academic writing. You are welcome to also get acquainted with other examples of essay writings that we offer on our website.

Descriptive Essay “Pretty In Pink Event”

2.1 Event Concept
Fashion is a term used in reference to the style and custom which is prevailing in a place at any given time. It is commonly used to refer to the styles and forms in which clothing is designed and presented. The designs of costumes, fabrics and accessories are developed by fashion designers with the aim of serving certain functions that are related to the satisfaction of the customers’ demands (Robinson, 2003). Fashion event is a show organized to allow various fashion designers to exhibit their work and members of the public to view the various designs in the market. It is some form of competition in which designers market their fashion skills. Fashion models are employed to demonstrate the various fashion designs created by different designers through the performance of a catwalk on a platform (Bryce,2008).To ensure that a fashion event is successfully organized and executed, several factors have to be examined and considered. The organizers should, for instance, have to undertake a serious research on the prospective audience turn out and the targeted customers (Frings, 1999). The budget required to organize the show should be carefully analyzed to avoid inconvenience and customer dissatisfaction.A few other ideas may be just as well incorporated into the fashion event to serve the purpose of entertainment and to act as a community outreach strategy. This is what is referred to as fashion fusion event, and it is an exciting show in which the audience is treated to an excellent beat of entertainment and contribution towards a course (Robinson, 2003).

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