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Argumentative Essay Sample


Ethics in professionalism is an important aspect in every field of profession. Accounting profession is the one field in which ethics and moral values play essential roles, so as to ensure there is effectiveness in the way clients are dealt with. This paper looks into ethical considerations in accountancy, with basis placed on a cartoon extract. A discussion on issues highlighted from the cartoon extract is presented, based on ethics in the accounting profession. A number of ethical issues are identified and discussed herein. It concludes by giving a view on how ethics in accounting is important and play a fundamental role in delivery of services in accountancy.

Ethics in Accounting


Accounting ethics is a fundamental aspect in the field of accountancy, since accounting profession is in most cases a means through which public services are delivered to the public. This means that accounting in the perspective of ethics aims to serve public interests on bases of moral valuations and judgments. Accounting ethics is a form of professional ethics and like in any other profession; accounting has attention directed to ethical aspects which have to be acceptable (Dellaportas, 2006, p. 397).

This paper looks into some of the issues related to ethics in accounting, with basis placed on a cartoon extract captioned, We blame all our accounting problems on our computers…so we’re upgrading to a model with an “ethics” component, and shot in an accounting department. This is done by way of a discussion, focusing on academic issues arising from the cartoon and on bases of selected literature journals on accounting.

Discussion on Account of Cartoon Extract

From the extract, a number of issues can be noted as far as ethics in accounting is concerned. One clear issue that is depicted from the extract is a lapse in inadequacy on how to overcome dilemmas in accounting ethics. The accountant seems not to understand the fact that there is always a room for the right of choice both to clients and to a company or organization. However, clients tend not to be more advantaged by such rights, but they do benefit by way of accounting reports (Love, 2008, p. 38).

The character seated at the desk inside the accounting department who seems to be the accountant there probably does not have his values placed on importance of accounting ethics. There is a lapse in the level of ethical implication in this case because there is no care taken to ensure that clients rely on the accounting office for the purpose of making sound decisions and acquiring of information relevant for the services they are offered. The accountant has failed to understand and embrace the fact that their opinions play a big role in presenting their clients with fair and true views as regards financial statements and other financial concerns.

There is also a misplaced understanding from the accountant in that his view as to why the client, who seems to be very disappointed at the situation, has to lack services when the office or the accountant in this case, bases claims on computer systems. There is irony in the accountant’s response when he mentions that the computer has failed in adhering to “ethics” when the whole failure is due to his failure to have ethics in his office.

Another picture that is exhibited from the extract is the fact that goals and objectives of ethics in accounting have not been put in full consideration by the accounting department. There is lack of role playing from the extract since there is no depiction of relating accounting to moral issues. This is evident in the caption which is directed at the client. The caption has no moral values in it. Instead, it displays carelessness in the way the accounting department responds to issues of importance without minding their impact. The client is a disappointed being, following the failure to be served, only to be disappointed further by the accountant’s rude response to justify his failure to deliver services effectively.


Organization of the response given for failure to deliver services effectively and efficiently from the office also have ethical implications as far as accounting profession is concerned (Jackling et al., 2007, p. 937). Ethically, machines and devices used in serving clients have never been void of ethics or morals. It is the administration persons who are responsible for any let downs which arise from their services. Therefore, blaming accounting problems on machines should not be anything to be heard, be it in terms of timing, poor work, ineffective work or failure to deliver any results at all costs.

There was no sense of ethical obligation from the office of the accountant. Ethics of accounting hold that an accountant should be obliged to ensure there is effectiveness and efficiency in the way accountancy is practiced. This also calls for being responsible for every outcome at the end of the day and accountability. The case herein is a totally different incident whereby the accountant does not seem to recognize his obligations or responsibilities as required by accounting ethics.

The client is already disappointed and instead of the accountant taking responsibility of whatever mistake or error arising, he pushes blame on computers. Having old models of computers in the office does not mean the computers are to blame for not having upgraded standards. Love (2008, p. 36) points out that the accounting office has to ensure that there is efficiency if all machines and resources in the office so as to initiate reliability in as much as they serve their clients…

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