Social Media Essay: Digital Tools

Does abundance of digital tools increase our work productivity or lessen it?


Nobody can imagine today’s world without digital tools. We use them everywhere, and they tremendously help us to increase the work productivity. The sphere of digital equipment usage is being widening, and it seems that the trends will continue in the direction of digitalization of our life, and our work in particular. The usage of recent digital technologies gives organizations undeniable advantages in today’s fast changing world, the managers in the organizations understand this and try their best to use as much as possible the opportunities the digital world gives.

In the contemporary world the role of digital tools becomes more and more important. Digital technologies are widely used in actually every industry starting from commodity production and retail and finishing with telecom and high-tech production industries. The most progressive companies started this trend to digitalize their processes, and the other companies follow them in order to keep their businesses up in a highly competitive environment.

The companies, which produce digital products and services, elaborate on new and new sophisticated technologies in order to develop the efficiency of business processes, and try their best to get those technologies to be introduced by other businesses. According to the survey, conducted for Microsoft by firm ‘Ipsos’, nearly 50% of employees think that digital tools allow them to be more productive, and at the same time around 30% of companies restrict their usage or undervalue them (Fidelman M., 2013). This statistics says that implementing the digital technologies is going on, though not that fast as it is desired by the leading techno-producers.

Digital tools and related digital technologies can be used in many cases. They allow fasten the pace of making decisions, what is highly appreciated by the managers of all levels. They ease the communication between people even when they are located in different countries and continents. They help to reduce time and increase the efficiency of control of the work done. For example, the supervisors from different locations throughout the trade outlets network around the country may in no time send the information via pocket digital device to the central server, where the managers will be able to make fast decisions based on the information received.

Today, in the era of information, digital technologies allow people through their electronic devices to receive the up-to-date information from various sources. It may be different catalogues and directories with some kind of statistical data, or corporate insight sources where the employees may follow the latest news and make proper timely decisions, either related to distribution or pricing ones. Big companies usually develop their own digital systems or adapt existing ones, in order to maximize the effect of these advanced technologies.

Following the leading business companies, the Governments and various public organizations introduce digital tools into their work processes. In particular, digital technologies allow quickly and effectively to arrange appointments, and even to conduct them (Tai S., 2013). Another example is the formation of so called e-Governments, what has become possible due to the development of digital technologies. The electronic flow of documents not only saves time, but it makes the processes more transparent.

Together with all the advantages digital tools give, their usage should be properly organized (Noguchi Y., 2013). In particular, the support must exist for the electronic systems implemented in the organization. There should be thought out the probable system breakdowns. In particular, in the financial institutions the double archiving of important customers’ data is always done. Even when somebody is preparing a PowerPoint presentation, plans to do it in front of a big audience, and just before the start of the speech it turns out to be that the only existing notebook system does not suit the system in the room where the presentation is going to be.

Or another case, simply no electricity in the room. It may happen in another city or country on a business trip, when an important presentation will fall down just because the presenter has not foreseen and not taken into account such possible situation. A good presenter has always several plans what to do (let’s say, plan A, plan B, and plan C) for different scenarios or situations.

Another issue while using digital tools is the cooperation between the youth, so called digital generation of people, for whom usage of digital technologies is natural, and older generation of people who needed to get used to these technologies already in their adult life. For adults it is not that easy to catch all the latest developments, and this is sometimes the obstacle for the companies to go forward with recent technologies, because the top managers of many organizations, the people who make decisions in the companies are often of an older age, and do not belong to a digital generation.

As a conclusion we can say that using the digital tools is critical for making work more productive. The various digital technologies are used widely in all kinds of organizations, for many purposes, and if organized properly, give numerous advantages compared to not using the digital tools. The above-said allows to predict further deeper and deeper implementation of digital tools in the work processes.


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