Example of Reflective Essay


In my recent political science essay, I was writing about principles of good leadership. The class readings focused on possible causes of the Arab Spring. Initially, I thought that activists who were not pleased by autocratic leadership in their countries instigated the uprising. However, I discovered that there were foreign forces behind the demonstrations.

Although there is a lot of information concerning the uprising, the mass media sources are the least effective. Newspapers, magazines, and television houses are telling ordinary stories that are biased to show that the governments of respective countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Libya among other countries affected by the uprising are to blame for the deaths of their people. In order to avoid bias, I had to use new strategies of looking for information. I used journal entries, personal blogs, and autobiographies of people who have been in a country that was or is experiencing effects of the Arab Spring. In many cases, academic leadership evidence requires extraction from empirical research databases, but I decided to change the strategy by using primary sources.

This research changed my view towards the Arab Spring. A journalist in Syria wrote one of the research papers I read. He claimed that the government was not responsible for killing civilians as the west media propaganda claimed. He said that he had interviewed hired mercenaries who were sent, by western powers, to accelerate the conflict. These mercenaries are well trained and experienced war veterans from Bosnia, Russia, the US, Middle East, and Africa.

They kill some innocent civilians, and then attack government forces to make it appear as if the two parties are killing each other. Similarly, the journalist asserted that the terrorists were the ones who were using chemical weapons to kill Syrian civilians. This research made me develop mixed feelings, when it asserts that the Arab Spring is a staged coup strategy by the West to expand their hegemony across the globe.

I did not know whether to believe that the West hired goons to assassinate innocent civilians and government soldiers so that they can get an opportunity to attack respective regimes and overthrow them. Individuals who will meet economic and development interest of the West in those countries will make the newly endorsed regime…

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