Literary Essay Sample: How Literature Can Contribute to the Unity of the World?


Literature makes a great contribution to the world. Moreover, it can unite people and solve multiple problems. For this very reason, world literature exists as a notion and all people in the world can learn from the prior experience in the literature. Therefore, literature can play a unique part in the wellness and happiness of the world. This feature should be actively utilized by the world leaders.

First of all, literature can shape a public opinion. For instance, books that are read by the students at schools shape their personalities. If they read good books that have some moral part in them, they will make them nice people in the future. Therefore, literature united people by creating a common world outlook.

Secondly, the unity of the world depends on literature as many books have common motifs and themes in them. Therefore, people all over the world read the same books that help them to generate new solutions to some global problems. The world is united thank to literature and influence that it generates. Many people can hardly live a day without reading at least one page from the book.

Also, books can be seen as cultural bridges. They bring people together and when a book is popular in one country, it is translated and is being sold worldwide. Therefore, people tend to read the same works and feel united with their preferences in literature.

Conclusively, literature is a link between diverse nations. It helps to support the unity of the world and build trust amongst the humankind. All the authors write their books with some intention and one of the major aims is to build stronger connections between the nations in order to avoid any type of conflicts.

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