Essay on Art: Is Graffiti an Art?


Graffiti is used by several artists to express their opinions on certain ideas or issues that are in the society. The artist uses inscriptions of pictures and words ton convey their messages in public places. Graffiti began as inscriptions on ancient walls ruins in Greece and Rome. However, there is controversy regarding graffiti as a genre of art. The reasons for describing graffiti not as an art are its association with vandalism. Attributing to expression of mind and self by different people, graffiti is a form of art used to express social and political opinions. Thus, in my opinion graffiti should be considered art.

Artists such as Michael Angelo used graffiti in the past to express their ideas. He drew graffiti on Sistine chapel to express his ideas on the visual perception he had of Adam. Additionally, Leonardo da Vinci in his painting called treatise on painting supported new ideas and the use of abstract images on walls. Contemporary artists, for example Keith Haring have used graffiti to express their ideas about the universe.

Haring drew cartoons of babies crawling, dancing figures and barking dogs, giving the pictures a sense of life that was characterized by movements. These pictures he drew on the subways in New York. This was a creation of a new kind of graffiti which he additionally drew on murals. From the above few examples, the artists used graffiti to execute unique designs through their creativity and are recognizable by the public…

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