Cultural Diversity Essay: Puritanism

Has Puritanism Influenced Modern American Culture?

It is well known that Puritanism originated from the reform-seeking movement within the Church of England. It is not only a religious faith but also philosophy, politics, and lifestyle. Puritans advocated modest and law-abiding life, and hard working. They put the entire cultural foundation of Western democracy. Thus it is possible to say that Puritanism is the origins of American self (Colorado, 2015).

Individualism is one of the peculiarities of Puritanism.  The personal character of all life values was very important feature, as well as freedom of the soul in the seeking of salvation.Personal autonomy and mutual respect also originated from Puritanism.

Economy and labor diligence, a will to achieve the purposes of any dignified business, fulfill their civic duties as good as it was possible were regarded as a virtue, true values and the righteous way of their life.

Puritan church insisted on available education for all population strata, because they believed that all people should be able to read and understand Scripture and spiritual guidancein order to live in godliness. Free formal education was initiated by Puritans for the first time ever. Their educational program included many secular sciences, including natural history andclassical literature.

A lot of Puritans had a theory that their historical missionwas to spread freedom and social justice around the world. This belief extended to the state and foreign policy. Puritanism laiedthe foundations of the free practice of any religion without state interference (Articlemyriad, 2015).

Puritanism discovered the roots of the American culture. It has influenced the notions of freedom, education, liberty, and the role of religion. Puritanism shaped the whole standards of American culture and affected American civilization.


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