Early Childhood Essay

Early Childhood Essay

Early childhood is a period between birth up to the age of eight. Early childhood assessment is a tool or process for answering questions about various aspects of children’s knowledge, skills, behavior, or personality. To get the best results in assessment, teachers should observe children and write notes on their progress. In fact, children in mid elementary school level are required to take district and state assessments. One function of assessment includes addressing and planning for the needs and strengths of students. It weighs students’ developmental progress, encourages objectivity and measures program efficacy. In addition, assessment shows parents how their children are progressing in the learning endeavors. Early childhood assessment comprises of three items. These include data collection, appraisal and family communication.

Early childhood educators endorse and recommend scrutiny of children, as well as program evaluation because they are necessary for quality programs. Assessment strategies must be broad enough in order to get a good picture of the students’ understanding and progress. Distinctive safeties, aptitudes, knowledge, progress and skills can be recorded by observing, gathering, and appraising students’ work over a specific period.

Educators attest to the fact that irregular development can occur. This enables teachers to assess children equally. Assessment means regular child observation and sample collection of their work. In documentation, emphasis should be placed on discovering what a child can do. Responding to the need for national data to document the condition of children as they enter school and to measure progress on Goals, the U.S. Department of Education has commissioned the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study: Kindergarten Cohort.

A representative sample of 23,000 kindergarten students should be assessed and then followed through grade 5. The content of the assessments used will correspond closely to the dimensions recommended by the Technical Planning Subgroup. In addition, data can be collected on each child’s family, community, and school/program.

The other assessment strategy employed by teachers is to evaluate information gathered for every student. This step helps teachers to evaluate teaching strategies, give instructions in the best way, follow children’s progress, and spot students who have special needs and require attention. Although standards are designed providing steady expectations for all children, each child’s strengths and needs must be met by molding proper instructions. Early assessment results can be used to form the instructions to be mused. This is because the teachers already have a clear understanding of each child’s needs. Teachers recording children’s academic growth can adjust the learning process in order to benefit all students…

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