Sample Medical School Essays: Doctors’ Concentration On Patient’s Health

Doctors Should Not Focus On Profitable Activities Such As Plastic Surgery Or Looking After Rich Patients And Concentrate More On Patient’s Health


Have you ever had a minute to think and answer the question: «What is the greatest value of my life?» I am convinced that sparing some time on inner thinking can give a person the chance to sort out many problems in his soul. But most of us too busy to think, because we are all addicted to earning money.

So, what is the greatest value of our lives? Someone could say this is family circle. Another one may suggest it is happiness and the rest of people are sure it is career promotion. And all of them are right – we all have our own world of peace and fortune. But let us remember the words which are frequently pronounced on many holidays. What do we often wish to our relatives and friends?We wish health. And it is important to face it: if we do not have health, we are not able to enjoy family company to a highest extent, our happiness is blurred and career promotion appears to be not carried forward. It could be inferred that only our vitality gives us the key to normal and active lifestyle. That is why the profession of a doctor is considered to be the most invaluable. Being aware of all treatment aspects, doctors have an ability to make our organism recover from diversity of diseases.

Nevertheless, even in the sphere of medicine the commercial side exists. We are all aware of plastic surgery. Sometimes it is needed, especially to restore body parts which are damaged by burns, accidents and congenital anomalies, but very few of us fully comprehend it’s consequences. Estimating the cost of plastic surgery, people often take into account only the cost of the operation and do not think about the costs which will require post-operative complications.

Plastic surgery is associated with the same risks as any surgery – may be pain, infection and allergic reactions. Studies also show that many patients who undergo this operation suffer from obsession with own appearance. Idiosyncratic dependency could develop, which push these people to do further plastic operations.

A well-known victim of plastic surgery is Joselyn Wildenstein, whose life was devoted to her husband Alex – once he made her go under the surgeon’s knife. Since then, the fear of growing old and being uninteresting to own husband became an obsession for Joselyn. She changed her appearance countless times in order not to allow her husband to fall in love with another woman. When she laid on operating table again, the results exceeded all expectations and her husband immediately decided to divorce. Alex (n.d.) mentioned that he couldn’t even recognize his own wife up close. Her appearance became unrecognizable: the pursuit of beauty resulted in a loss of her health and happiness.

In the light of information given above it is significant to point out the responsibility taken by surgeons. Qualified doctors should be capable of taking into account all possible consequences, trying to persuade patients not to be operated if negative complications could occur.

Unfortunately, the desire of getting money may overshadow doctors’ understanding of their mission – caring about patients’s health. Instead of this they become to pay more attention to looking after rich patients. Besides, it is generally known that people, who have money can allow more than those, who do not. And hence, physicians are likely to devote their time and efforts to «profitable» patients, from whom they can get financial feedback.

It appears to be obviously that this kind of doctors behave dishonourably – once having pronounced the Hippocratic Oath, they are gradually forgetting about their duties being under the influence of money. But it should not be this way. According to Benjamin Franklin (n.d.), «Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants». In the world of saving lives and treatment, all people are equal, and each patient requires attention, concern and professional approach.

It is pity to say but doctors’ earnings often depend on the number of sick people – not people recovered. Doctors are wanted to prevent illnesses, having the significance of human life at the first place. Moreover, physicians should keep in mind that indifferent attitude towards patients could lead to their self-medication, which in turn has it’s own repercussion. Also, healthy state of one person has special value, because one human is a little but important part of any nation as a whole. As Winston Churchill (n.d.) said «Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have». Making a contribution to human lives doctors retain a healthy atmosphere of the country.

Money can not buy health, but nonetheless they are spent to maintain it. In this situation the main obligation of any doctor is to do everything in his power to help people in honest and conscientious way with whole responsibility and dedication. That is why doctors can be named as «people to people». And if the main question presented in the beginning is asked again, the answers might be the following: the greatest value of any human is his own health, but the greatest value for any doctor is the health of his patients.


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