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ecology essay

How Can the USA Bridge the Gap Between Regulated Environmental Sustainability by the EPA and More Freedom to Farmers and the Fossil Fuel Industry?

The wish to provide future generations with the advantages of both developed economy and healthy ecology unites the representatives of significantly dissimilar interests. To implement the idea of “sustainable development” in practice, EPA has started Smart Sectors program (Smith). Notably, the program outlines the importance of environmental protection for businesses, underlines the need for cooperation rather than regulation, and considers its benefits for the sectors, including agriculture and fossil fuel industry.

In today’s business world, reconciliation of pollution prevention and economic growth is the guarantee of future competitiveness and success (Percival et al. 1-2). Apart from that, environmental sustainability now is a strong business strategy as it leads to efficiency and social approval (Berry and Rondinelly 43). Therefore, if the company wants to find its place in a modern world economy, it must be environmentally friendly (48).

According to Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, the Smart Sectors program encourages environmentalists to “consider American business as a partner” (qtd. in Smith). Remarkably, EPA emphasizes the significance of a dialogue, more freedom for sectors, and the opportunity to suggest new ways to regulate pollution. Also, EPA undertakes to educate the sectors in terms of ecology, analyze the data and suggest the ways of improvement (Smith).

Notably, EPA assumes that the sectors will benefit from cooperation with the U.S. government, and the industry representatives justify this claim. For instance, Zippy Duvall, who represents modern agriculture, points out that EPA’s new program creates the system of collaboration and innovation (Smith). Likewise, Kyle Isakower states that the program is essential for fossil fuel industry in order to be both business- and ecology-oriented (Smith).

All things considered, the USA nowadays is trying to overcome the problem of combining prosperous business and protected ecology. In order to do it, EPA launches innovative programs, one of which is Smart Sectors. The main focus of this program is on collaboration beneficial for the environment, economy, and society in general.

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