Definition Essay – Healthy Appetite

Definition Essay on Healthy Appetite

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Appetite is an urge for eating food. Most of the time it is due to hunger. A good appetite will make you feel hungry at frequent intervals. A low appetite or lack of appetite if persists for many days leads to loss of weight and malnutrition and a disease called anemia. Maintaining a good and healthy appetite is important.

Healthy appetite helps to provide adequate energy to the body by consumption of food. Food has been an important source of energy provider. Food intake can be solid or liquid form. Eating the right food with balanced nutritional values ensures good health. Nutrients are needed to perform all the functions, proper growth and reproduction. Adequate and good nutrition is required to maintain a healthy physical and mental condition. All these benefits are possible with a healthy appetite.

A Study has revealed that eating in a group, with near and dear ones increases the intake of food by 18% and also helps to try new varieties of food. Eating food by watching TV also increases the intake by14%. Healthy appetite can be maintained by eating in different shape and sizes.

Our biological clock gives us an alert when we are hungry. Eating at regular intervals, and eating a balanced diet helps to maintain a good and healthy appetite. Three full meals a day is very good. Breakfast should be substantial, lunch moderate and food consumed during dinner very light and easily digestible.

Diet can be planned depending on the individuals or groups to suit their requirement, depending on the climatic conditions of the place they live, cultural and religious beliefs, health status, age, gender, metabolism, height, weight, and other factors.

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