Critical Analysis Example

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The proposed abstract from a critical analysis example is focused around strategic management and its various concepts. You will find out how world’s largest companies cope with the competition on the market of goods and services. Moreover you will find the description of the main leader’s traits that are necessary in developing a strong and successful company, as well as read about the main obstacles that can ruin even the most respectful company. Furthermore, you will get acquainted with the main goals and aims that should be achieved if you want to save your company.

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Strategic management

Companies all over the world are faced with many challenges these days, mainly – because of the stiff competition. No company will run smoothly for a long period of time without facing obstacles. These obstacles can ruin the company, or on the other hand, can serve as an opportunity for new inventions, innovations and change of direction.The comeback of Michael Dell as the chief executive of the Dell company is an opportunity for the company that was facing a formidable down fall. Since inception, the company had been doing well, making high profits, and seriously threatening other companies like IBM, HP, and Apple to take over the market of computer electronics.

Competition, lack of direction, and poor management caused the company to lose track and nose dive towards a dead end. Dell’s customers and investors both lost trust to the company’s operations. This forced most of them to shift their interests to other companies. There was a considerable problem of finances and had it not being for Michael’s come back, the company would have entirely perished.

Leaders need to be strategic and consider the development and growth of the industry while planning their business well in advance. Directors and managers should always keep records of their organizations, so that they realize when there is a problem or when to seize an new opportunity. In fact, problems are eye openers to future opportunities. However, it is the job of a focused leader to identify what needs to be changed and when is the best time for it.

Michael Dell came to run the company when it had been befallen by several misfortunes. He had to make quick and serious changes to save the company from bankruptcy and bring it back to operation. Changing the company’s organizational structure and culture is much more difficult than maintaining it, but all in all Michael had no option but to fight for it.

Effective and efficient strategic managers realize when change is inevitable. Furthermore, focused leaders know when to merge or acquire shares from other companies. There is a time when merging is profitable to the company, and sometimes that is not the case (Hitt, et. al 355).

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