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Can Python be called a dying language? How long will it take for this language to disappear?

Before focusing on answering the question, it is important to consider the most recent statistics in the last three years (Perkel, 2015).

From the statistics in the charts above, it is clear that python has been the leading programming language over the last three years. A dying coding language could definitely show a decrease in popularity in the recent past (Perkel, 2015). Therefore, an argument that python is a dying programming language is not only insensitive, but also ignorant of the essential statistics provided.

It is important to note that there are various aspects that have made python a popular coding language that support the fact that the language not dying soon. Python programs take less time to develop which is convenient for most programmers. For instance, python programs are basically four or five times shorter than java programs (Perkel, 2015). This is due to the program’s high tech typing and advanced data types. For example, there is no time wasting in declaring arguments and variable in python programming. This is because of its dominant polymorphic lists and lexicon types with much syntax support fabricated into every python program (Spielman & Wilke, 2015).

Like Java script, python support a programming technique that applies that uses basic functions and variables that does not need much class definitions. This makes the program applicability even beyond Perl’s niche. Like TCL, Python is a usable application additional language and independent language (Perkel, 2015). However, Python has strong data configurations and performs basic code faster as compared to TCL. Python has also been demonstrated as programming language with a library that composes more facilities that deal with WWW reality like HTML, email and FTP than Smalltalks (Parmar, 2015).

In conclusion, it is clear that Python’s sophisticated features that are easy and convenient to use make it a popular programming language with an increased dominance in the technology industry. The program has competed effectively in the market and has a higher advantage over its competitors. Therefore, it is evident that the program is not dying in the near future.


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