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In this character analysis essay example that is offered for you to acquaint the theme is presented: the raising of funds to help treat breast cancer patients. The events that take place, inform the reader about the problem of this disease. Moreover, they raise alarm on the dangers of the disease and calls for the taking of a quick action to avert their happenings.

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Feasibility Study

1.1 Introduction
Feasibility study is an analysis and evaluation of the potential impact that some environmental, economic and social factors may have on a proposed project. These factors may present some difficulties in the implementation of these projects (Frings, 1999).Thus, it is important to undertake a feasibility study to get a common understanding of the viability of the project in relation to the estimated cost of its planning. This means that the viable project should be able to be conducted and fit the available funds.This is an important factor in ensuring success that the goals, missions and customer satisfaction are imminent before rolling out the project. In addition, the implementation of the propositions made on the feasibility report is important in ensuring that the organization of the shows or project is done in accordance with the prevailing market conditions as this is critical in winning the confidence of the potential customers.When undertaking a feasibility study, it is important that all the factors that may present some impacts on the organization and the rolling of the event be considered to help on averting inconvenience and loss of money (Frings, 1999).The careful analysis or evaluation of technical issues is vital in ensuring that the show does not violate government regulations as well as presenting an environment that the organizers are not faced with the challenge of having to meet the some customers’ liabilities.

These liabilities may result from their negligence or careless behavior in the show room which may result in injuries or loss of some valuables. As a result of a feasibility study, organizers get the know-how of the technical issues that affect their events, and are presented with a serene environment to undertake the necessary implementations that foster successful events.

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