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Oil spills economics
These articles entail a reflection of the coastline pollution by BP Oil Company. A massive oil spillage contaminates the waters of the ocean. Consequently, the contamination affects the economic productivity of the locality in an immense degree (Hargreaves, 1). The spillage results from the leakages in the company that flows to the ocean waters. The spillage has a major impact on tourism.

The tourism sector in this locality has recorded deprived trends due to the risks involved in the spillages. The main risks in this case are the spontaneous flames on the ocean surface (Mitchell, 1). Fishing is also a main economic activity in the locality. The oil spillage affected this sector severely. The oil contents are toxic to the sea creatures. Additionally, the oil covers the waters and forms a barrier of oxygen entry. The fish and other sea creatures die due to the limited oxygen supply. In this aspect, the authorities express concern to this matter. The authorities have a key obligation to oversee the cleanup project around the place (Singh, 1). They also seek to oversee the compensation of the vicinity’s inhabitants.

The authorities have a major concern to oversee the culmination of this disaster. Definitely, this is an endangering phenomenon to human life. From a secondary perspective, this is an immense risk to the economic system of the locality (Mitchell, 1). The main vulnerable economic spheres in this case are tourism, fishing, as well as oil processing. Through the consideration of the immense risk, diverse government agencies have a key obligation. The Alliance For Justice is a legal authority that has…

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