Bible Essay Topics for Better College Results

Students of theology all around the world need to write impressive academic works related to Bible paper topics and take in unique interpretations of this collection of sacred texts.

Biblical studies analyze the Bible’s cultures, where these texts have originated, and provide instruction based on this research.

Bible paper topics

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In addition to traditional methods of using scriptures in history and linguistics, the Bible has other techniques of influence, from archaeology and social research to psychology and literary studies. In this article, we share our research experience on the most exciting essay writing topics from the Bible. Your work will tell about the history, importance, and interpretation of the Bible.

Bible History Research Paper Topics

  1. The position of Egypt in the Old Testament.
  2. Apocalyptic predictions in the Old Testament.
  3. History of wars and the Old Testament.
  4. Gospel inconsistencies in the sights of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John.
  5. Comparison of historical confirmations to the Biblical analysis of events.
  6. A historical analysis of Jesus Christ’s personality.
  7. The role of the Roman Empire in the Bible’s crafting.
  8. Modern issues in the United States and their correlation with the Bible.
  9. Laws in the Old Testament.
  10. The lost tribes of Israel.
  11. Civil rights and the Bible: speeches of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.
  12. Communism and the Bible.
  13. Interpretations of the Bible and its influence on the Israel and Palestine conflict.

Bible Research Paper Topics

  1. Moses and the Promised Land: analysis of punishment in the Old Testament.
  2. The Book of Romans.
  3. Origin of the Old Testament.
  4. Source of the New Testament.
  5. Critics of the Bible’s texts.
  6. An outlook of time in the Old Testament: metaphorical and literal.
  7. The display and interpretation of human creatures.
  8. The attitude of slavery in the Bible.
  9. Suffering in the Bible.
  10. The flood in the Old Testament: a geographical analysis.
  11. The role of the Bible in literature.
  12. Compliance and non-compliance between the Old and New Testaments.

Bible Speech Topics

  1. A comparison of Eve in John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ with Eve in the Bible.
  2. The Bible in cinema: ‘The 10 Commandments’ and ‘The Passion of Christ.’
  3. Comparison of the Sophocles play ‘Oedipus Rex’ with the story of Job written in the Bible.
  4. Exploration of gender roles in the Bible.
  5. Ways marriage is viewed in the Old Testament.
  6. Mentions of baptism in the New Testament.
  7. Social status of men and women in the Bible.
  8. The Bible and its relation to transgenderism.
  9. Does the Bible condemn intersex members related to the church?
  10. What are the dress standards for men and women in the Bible?
  11. Jesus and the virgin birth.
  12. The Gnostic texts and their correlation to the Bible.
  13. How did Dante use the love he had for Beatrice in his personal life and shape a character in his comedy? Explanation by reference to the Bible.
  14. Biblical translations and its contradiction with scientific doctrines.
  15. Analysis of the Holy Trinity in the Bible.
  16. The treatment of other religions in the Bible.
  17. The Bible and the Koran.
  18. Allegory of the Bible in John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden.’
  19. The position of Satan in the Bible vs. ‘The Divine Comedy’ or ‘Faust.’

Bible Speech Topics for Youth

  1. Lesser prophets in the Old Testament.
  2. Murder and love in the Bible.
  3. Catholicism and the Biblical definition.
  4. The role of children in the Bible.
  5. The use of miracles in the New Testament.
  6. Modern interpretations of the Bible.
  7. The Bible and C. S. Lewis’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia.’
  8. Adultery in the Bible.
  9. Genesis: the beginning of humans and the function of allegory in the Bible.


In the discipline of Biblical doctrines, Biblical texts and cultures are studied from a comprehensive outlook. In addition to the Bible’s passages, students often research other materials, books, and documents that make the Biblical world more clear. Our service is interested in extracting new knowledge both from canonical religious texts and other forms of religions rejected by mainstream movements.

Our suggestions for essay writing topics from the Bible may help you to write unique academic works without effort. Get closer to achieving an A-level assignment – buy persuasive essay from us!

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